Goals? Go get ’em

Sitting here in my bed listening to punk and indie rock, I feel like I need something to stoke my fires again. Something which will interest me and bring me real satisfaction. I know I’m capable of doing so many things it’s just where exactly to channel my needs. I want a new challenge and … Read moreGoals? Go get ’em

Cannabis for pain and PTSD ‘lacks high-quality evidence’

There is not enough high-quality scientific evidence to support the use of cannabis as an effective and safe treatment for chronic pain or post-traumatic stress disorder. This was the conclusion of two systematic reviews conducted by the United States Department for Veteran Affairs and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The use of cannabis, or … Read moreCannabis for pain and PTSD ‘lacks high-quality evidence’

Nothings Permanent..#Depression

Nothings Permanent..#Depression ?The sun will rise above the shadow ?~unknown Sometimes, I know things can get hectic, I mean, with all this dull energy in the air, I understand why you’re so restless, even when you try to talk about it, you can’t because you feel breathless.. Life has a funny way of challenging you, … Read moreNothings Permanent..#Depression

Short but simple: Love starts within

I’ve been practicing meditation and providing intuitive readings and lately the theme that has been throughout all  readings are directed towards loving oneself. This can be the hardest thing, lesson, and or challenge that a soul will ever go through but its needed to learn because once it is learned, accepted, and practiced the world will … Read moreShort but simple: Love starts within

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