“Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted”

Nothing is this world is true, literally nothing that you see, feel, touch, smell, taste, think is ultimately true.. everything is just a series of assumptions and points of view that we agree upon. The canvas of reality is empty as we speak, this moment, the present moment, is free of all the assumptions we … Read more

Be free from your pain

Imagine living your life and being you but without any trace of pain, emotional pain, psychical pain, stress, anxiety, depression, discomfort, … Living you life being completely free from whatever pain means to you.
You can let it go, it was never yours to begin with, it is not yours now and you don’t need it with you anymore.
Take a deep breath and let me blow your mind ?

Create your Reality- The 3 “days”process

When it comes to create your reality, there is a process associated to it. Knowing it, how it works and what it means will help you a lot in creating whatever you want to create. You will understand why things happen the way they happen, why do you get inspired, why do you suffer and have … Read more

You are the Creator of your reality

You are the one that creates your reality. Believe it or not, you are 100% the creator of your reality. You have never, ever, ever experienced something that was not created by you. I will dive deeper into the specifics of it and how it works later in another post (stay tuned), but for now … Read more

Access Infinite Intelligence

Each and every single person on earth have immediate access to an infinite intelligence that transcends everything in this world and that there is available to us 24/7.
This is not a thought based neither a linear logic type of intelligence, we are talking about something far greater then all of the best human thinkers minds combined.
We are talking about Infinity

Manifest What You Want, It’s Really Simple.

What is it that you really want? Are you living within an existence where you have everything that you want, or do you have everything that you need, or both? These aren’t so rhetorical as one might think…. these are everyday concerns if you really think about it. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, the mind is always in search of something, but is that something for your higher good?

Enough with the rhetorical questions, the answer is simple, you manifest anything you want or don’t want, everything is created from thoughts and energy. Thoughts are things, they are the creator of our reality if you can accept this concept. The things we think about, give energy to the things we bring to us. It took me a lloooonnngggg time for me to realize this but it’s true.

Below I included a list that I wrote to the Universe aiming to attract the right man that I felt was right for me. I listed 10 imperative and what I felt like at the time, the most necessary characteristics of my ideal partner. The date was October 15, 2015. A little more than 30 days later I met the love of my life. I must be honest he had all but 2 qualities which were numbers 1 and 6, nevertheless even though he is not spiritually aware or spiritually grounded, he’s the exact opposite, yes he is an atheist…… I do know he will learn from me and vice-versa, so perfection isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The point of this post is to remind you to be conscious of your thoughts if anything else. You, your thoughts create things so if you want specifics I recommend you write it out or even make a vision board to help create that attraction. IT WORKS PEOPLE! You have the power to create anything you want! You hold the power, so put it to work!!!!!

What are some methods you use for manifesting your desires if different from my own?

My Manifesting Letter to the Universe