A    WEH    YUH    A    SEH?  Stumbled on to this beautiful blogger a few days ago and can’t wait to meet her in person. The places she’s been to are amazing and I couldn’t help but, go through all the pictures filled with so much colour and love. If you love travelling … Read moreJAMAICA IS EVERYTHING!

Unforgiveness Stinks. 

Doing the same thing every time can be boring but that’s even better than staying in one place for a lifetime.  Incase you’ve not noticed, progress is synonymous to change. A new attitude and of course refreshing yourself everyday and leaving behind every shred of negativity, staying far away from every thing that can contaminate … Read moreUnforgiveness Stinks. 

TEN LITTLE THINGS… I am thankful for

PART-2 I might be leading a normal, ordinary life but I do have moments extraordinaire. Though they may be fleeting but they are not insignificant. Listing few among the many… Baby’s first laugh. Relaxing gurgle of a waterfall Birds pecking on your window sill. The familiar shapes in the clouds. The slow drifting morning fog … Read moreTEN LITTLE THINGS… I am thankful for

TEN LITTLE THINGS… I am thankful for

PART-1 Sometimes you see a reason to like them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they teach you so much, sometimes they just give you pure joy. This list of ten things is one of many simple wonders, which are all around us. We may have seen them often but somehow we are so caught up in … Read moreTEN LITTLE THINGS… I am thankful for

My Search for Beauty in Everyday Life

We are wired to find beauty in everything that is God’s creation. Plato, the Greek philosopher that needs no introduction, believed that everything God creates is beautiful because it possesses perfect ratios and proportions. That’s all and well, but I’d like to expand on that concept a bit. I think we’re attuned to God’s creation … Read moreMy Search for Beauty in Everyday Life