Lets Talk: Irony Laced Ignorance

Sooo…it’s happening again. People are outraged at the protesting of the  U.S. National Anthem. I’ve read articles about people video taping (is that still a relevant phrase?) themselves burning jerseys and season tickets that they bought…and I can’t help but think of how all this proves is their ignorance of what’s really going on in … Read more

Grieving a Lost Parent: My Journey of Grief after my Mother’s Death

I was browsing on Twitter last night, and I came across someone who just lost their mother in June. She was searching for a support group to help her cope with her loss. I offered her my support, but it really got me thinking about what it was like to grieve for the loss of … Read more

Treating insomnia can avert depression

Mental health problems, including psychotic experiences, could in part be down to a lack of sleep, researchers have revealed. A new study found that people who had undertaken a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) designed to treat insomnia not only found that their sleep improved, but also experienced reduced paranoia and fewer hallucinations, as … Read more

Do you actually take care of yourself?

You take care of yourself, right? I mean, we’re all grown ups. We feed ourselves. We go to sleep at (hopefully) reasonable hours. We go to work so we can afford to live. We pay all those pesky bills. Wait—those are responsibilities. What about self-care? Self-care goes above and beyond responsibility. It means loving yourself and … Read more

Happiness, not endless sacrifice, drives success at work

“I’m working harder than ever before… and I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore.” Hearing these words from my friend “Sian” worried me a lot. As senior vice president of sales at a well-respected company, Sian is smart, emotionally intelligent, and wise — just the kind of person we want leading a company. The … Read more

How creativity can help you be healthier

Have you ever come down with feelings of exhaustion or sickness, like a sore throat, when you’ve felt sad or stressed? It might seem a little hippie-dippy, but your emotions have a ton to do with how you feel physically. We reached out to Dr. Chris Gilbert, the author of The Listening Cure: Healing Secrets of an … Read more

11 Ways to bring more positivity into your life and feel happier every day

It can often feel like only bad things happen, and that they always happen all at once. Of course this isn’t true, but have one too many bad or sad experiences, and you’re likely to have quite the negative outlook. When that’s the case, it’s 100 percent necessary to figure out ways to bring more positivity … Read more

4 Things psychologists do every day to feel happier

Whether they’re going for a swim or jotting down what they’re thankful for, these mental health experts know how to make time for daily self care. While there’s no one secret to happiness, regular self care can go a long way towards boosting your mood. People find joy in different places, so the key is to identify healthy … Read more

My Experiences and 5 Tips to Find Your Passion

  I’d always thought I’d become a Ph.D. wielding master scholar in some scientific field somehow. That dream was easily struck down when reality hit me. I had been stretching myself too far by not sleeping for years. Six hours a night isn’t enough for a growing young adult, especially if you have a big … Read more

‘Distraction from happiness’: Writer encourages people to live with less

You could call Joshua Becker an early pioneer of the minimalist movement.   If you haven’t read his books on minimalism, you might recognize him from the documentary “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.” The Wall Street Journal bestselling author was born in Aberdeen, S.D., and attended junior high and high school in Wahpeton, … Read more