He is Calling, Will you Listen?

We as a people of this world live such busy lives. We have filled it with so many distractions it is a wonder anyone has found time to hear the voice of God. Some are stubborn and walk around with their fingers in their ears. I am thankful for a saviour who was able to … Read moreHe is Calling, Will you Listen?


  Who are you to judge someone else?   “None knows the weight of another’s burden.” – George Herbert   You can’t understand the burden of someone else because you’re not that person.   Don’t fall for the illusion of being like any one. We’re all totally different.   Stop thinking that you are separate … Read moreEmpathy

What Does Authenticity Mean?

Authenticity is being true to who we are and not trying to imitate someone else. When we walk our talk, others take note and listen. They trust us because we are consistent in our words and actions. Trust allows deeper,  more rewarding and fruitful relationships. Whether you are leading yourself, teams of people at work, … Read moreWhat Does Authenticity Mean?