“So, what are you gonna do when you graduate? Do you have a plan? Did you apply for a job? Where do you want to work? Are you looking for something? You should just get out there and network?” -people, family, friends, etc. that care about you. … Ever feel overwhelmed about “finding your purpose”? … Read moreFuture?

One year left to live. 

Author: PsychPerspectives I had one year left to live. To say I was shocked about this statement would be a great understatement. One year,  is that it? There’s so much I wanted to do, so much I wanted to see, and so much I didn’t see. I knew I couldn’t see it all, but I was … Read moreOne year left to live. 

Things That People Who Self-Harm Want You to Know.

Trigger Warning- this post will be discussing self-harm. Please don’t read it if you’re sensitive to content of this nature, and take care of yourself! Hello Internet, it’s me, Queertastic (again. I’m on here a lot. If you want to hear more from me about mental health issues and other miscellaneous nonsense, find me at … Read moreThings That People Who Self-Harm Want You to Know.

Fragile human theories. 

Neil James  (Previously called PsychPerspectives)  ​Fragile doesn’t have to relate to something tangible, or an object one can imagine. Rather than the physical things, words are just as Fragile.   When I say words, I’m referring to the words people use to express theories. More specifically, theories about human development and human behaviour. Theories such as gravity, evolution, … Read moreFragile human theories. 

Humans. Humans. Humans…

PsychPerspectives. I wonder what a different species version of WordPress would look like?

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Adapt, you can and will.

Whatever problem or challenge you come to face, however difficult or impossible it may seem to be, you can and will adapt, it’s ingrained into our nature. We have adapted ever since we’ve been here. We are still evolving, adapting and changing. You are too, keep going. Respond. Adapt. Live.