My family and I just went on vacation to Florida. On our way back to KC, we decided to stop at Fantastic Caverns, near Springfield, MO. I took many photos (scroll to the end of the post) in the caves, beautiful colors and high contrast. I was pretty snap-happy. I was surprised that I could … Read moreFantastic

Accept Every Ball That Life Throws At You And Live With it

Acceptance is a very powerful word or should I say the real mantra of living? We need to accept the way some moments work. We need to accept the very fact that things won’t be as we plan them to be. We need to accept that with every ticking of the clock our lives move … Read moreAccept Every Ball That Life Throws At You And Live With it

Poem Of The Week – “Dying to Live”

Hello there, wonderful world of BayArt, it’s Queertastic here with our poem of the week 🙂 How has your Thursday (or Wednesday, or Friday, depending on your timezone) been treating you? Well, whether or not you’ve been having a good day, this poem by the talented Mikes Nexus will fill you with determination and goodwill. … Read morePoem Of The Week – “Dying to Live”

Humans. Humans. Humans…

PsychPerspectives. I wonder what a different species version of WordPress would look like?

Read moreHumans. Humans. Humans…

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