Melancholy Moodiness

I had a really lovely day today. For the most part, I made good decisions around food. And yet for no apparent reason, this evening I feel incredibly melancholy and moody. I’m overcome with a range of emotions I can’t even describe. To be honest, I just want to cry. Why? I have absolutely no idea. … Read more Melancholy Moodiness

10 Autism Myths. 

PsychPerspectives. Below are 10 common myths about Autism Spectrum Conditions. To clarify definitions, Autism Spectrum Condition is an umbrella term for: Autism (below 70 IQ, non-verbal or verbal. Asperger’s syndrome (average or above average IQ) High-Functioning Autism (basically Asperger’s, but with a delay in language development; unable to talk until approximately 5 years old) The 10 Common … Read more 10 Autism Myths.