Depression: You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

Depression is drowning in an ocean of despair while another part of you is cutting away your lifeline that would keep you from drowning. Can you imagine how frightening that could be? Imagine fighting that fight every day. Depression can come and go for me. I have good days, bad days, and really, really bad … Read moreDepression: You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

The Other Side Of Positive Thinking

You are born wise. Despite not knowing all the answers, you don’t talk or argue back. Thereafter you grow older and impregnate yourself with negative thoughts. Thoughts full of “I can’t(s)”, resultant blocking your own good, frustrating and limiting yourself. When you block your thoughts with negative(s), you end up creating obstacles, impediments and delays … Read moreThe Other Side Of Positive Thinking

Beauty, Everlasting.

This post was inspired by a friend of mine. She recently wrote an entry about detoxing, a proper healthy way, after getting a hangover with a few pictures of herself detoxing at the end. In one of the pictures she’s relaxing in a sauna. The way the picture was taken, her demeanor everything about it immediately … Read moreBeauty, Everlasting.

Home, Again.

For the last five and half months I’ve been working hard to put myself into a better place than I was before. Everything that happened, happened for a reason. No doubt about it. It was, necessary. In order for me to become the man I always knew I was. It. All. Had. To. Happen. Just … Read moreHome, Again.

Do Nothing, Change Nothing

I was told today that someone, in terms of hate groups and maybe any other issues, said the best way to deal with them was to, “Just ignore them. Pretend they aren’t there because all they want is attention…Stop giving them attention and they’ll eventually die off themselves…” Okay so… Here’s why that doesn’t work, … Read moreDo Nothing, Change Nothing

I’m Human, You See

“How did you come to be who you are even when nothing seems to be going your way? Are you ever afraid you’ll slip up and fall?” “No, I know I’ll fall at some point but no matter how far I fall I’ll never fall into the person I was before. That place he called … Read moreI’m Human, You See

A Spoken Word on History

I wrote this about three years ago. I was performing a lot back then but this one I worked on for a while. I feel it’s as relevant now as it was then, possibly more so. Historical Reputation parts 1 and 2. by Gustavo Lomas

Journey to Tranquility

Do you feel it? A feeling of uncertainty so certain that it brings you to stop and ask, “Why…why now?” It’s not just you, it’s happening all over the world and I know it seems scary but doesn’t everything at first? You’re gonna want to fight it, rebel against the new ideas you’re being awarded … Read moreJourney to Tranquility

Now you see me Now you Don’t

What is an illusion? According to Webster’s dictionary, it is “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses”. So, what is a memory? Ask this question to yourself: can a memory be the same for any two people? Can the feeling of the memory be the same … Read moreNow you see me Now you Don’t