Social Media: Today’s Modern Enemy

We live in a modern society where technology surrounds us every second of the day. Our cell phones remain in our hands throughout the day, sit next to our beds at night, and most kids these days don’t know what to do without the phone in their hands. Video games have replaced going outside, and social … Read more

The 6 step negativity detox

Even the most positive people experience negativity from time to time – it’s part of what makes us human. In very small doses, negativity can actually be pretty helpful, since it’s our mind’s method of keeping us safe by highlighting the bad in things. In larger doses however, it can dramatically limit our potential and … Read more

Fight Club: The Inner Critic

I’m tired of this shit. Tired of feeling like life is always out of my grasp, tired of never being satisfied, fulfilled, yet never reaching a destination, tired of no appreciation from myself for busting my ass everyday. It’s tough living with her, this merciless bitch, no compassion, so calloused and selfish, the one that … Read more