My little princess is a royal circus all on her own!

My little lady, bless her busy bum can be a circus all on her own! She is so busy and just into everything, and she can chat your ear off. She is 3 so sometimes its gibberish that she has made up and then she also loves to chat about her bestie at school. She … Read more


Did you know climbing some of the biggest mountains can leave climbers with symptoms that are very similar to heart failure? Death zones are places at the top of a mountain where low oxygen and poor weather conditions make even breathing a pain-filled struggle. A documentary on K2 detailed the descent of a group of … Read more

House Full of Hope

Background I was abused for 19 years by my father and others. Physically and emotionally. Then my dad died in ’92. For 6 more years, I would be physically and emotionally abused by my sister. At 25, I moved out, got married and I was free! From almost-daily emotional abuse. But. That day? That I … Read more