The mind of God

You will find yourself there, in the undefinable, in the indescribability of becoming the nothingness, the vacuum, the limitless blissful source of all that is and yet transcendent to existence itself, the ONE INFINITE CREATOR.

Ego, the impostor self

We all carry an impostor within ourselves, a mind that is not our mind, carried with thoughts that are not our thoughts, with beliefs that are not our beliefs, it is a “Self” that is not “Our”-“Self”, it is an impostor self, the ego. An impostor self with an impostor mind. Realize right now that … Read moreEgo, the impostor self

Be free from your pain

Imagine living your life and being you but without any trace of pain, emotional pain, psychical pain, stress, anxiety, depression, discomfort, … Living you life being completely free from whatever pain means to you.
You can let it go, it was never yours to begin with, it is not yours now and you don’t need it with you anymore.
Take a deep breath and let me blow your mind ?