Yearly Transitions: A Continuation

Rethinking the New Year The new year is not an excuse to try to do something different. The new year is not the only time where you have to start something better. We are faced with difficulties every day and every day is a continued chance to do something different and better. How can we … Read more

The Color of Glasses…

Glasses, you know, the things you put on your face. Little pieces of roundish plastic with arms that go over your ears… glasses. What color are yours? If you are like me, color plays a pleasant role in your world. Plums, maroons, navy, deep greens are everywhere in my house because they feel comfortable and … Read more

A Truth About Being Strong, And Vulnerable Too

It’s often only those that most of us consider small, soft, emotional, meek, sensitive or unable to stand up for themselves in some way, that become those whom we nurture and protect. But what about the people we consider to be strong?

The Bigger Picture

You live your life going forwards but only understand it looking backwards. We’ve all experienced those dark moments in life. Those heartbreaks, those friends letting you down the job losses or the other disappointments that leave you feeling slightly devastated. In these moments of anger, frustration, sadness and loss, it’s easy to lash out at the … Read more