There Wasn’t Any Problem

Creating problems for the devil The Devil always inside and beside you Praying help from the world Feeling hopeless even there wasn’t any problem   Creating darkness for the conscience The conscience always hide inside you Pledge loyalty to your problems Feeling hopeless even there wasn’t any problem   Creating complicated paths for the angel … Read moreThere Wasn’t Any Problem

Even At That Time The Feeling Was Lonely

The waves were splashing, throught the rocks Even they weren’t lonely… A human was watching, friend was playing the guitar Even at that time the feeling was lonely   The rocks was breaking small by small Eventually they got harm from the one they loved A human was thinking, the melody was tooking to another dimension Even … Read moreEven At That Time The Feeling Was Lonely

The Sun Rises But I am Still Awake 

The sun rises but i am still awake  Because of you still thinkingWaiting you to decide Decide what you’re going to doDecide an hopeful dreamMy dream want it to became A real life experienceJust waiting to become realJust waiting to become a part of youWaiting just waitingWaiting like a puppy Waiting like a bookJust like … Read moreThe Sun Rises But I am Still Awake 

Three, Two, Done…

Sweating to an unusual degree. The symptom of an incurable disease. Face covered, slippery and thick like ghee. Life’s a looper. Looping us in a maladroit manner. Panic. Perfidious and manic. Just like Rococo, I think I’ve had it. I’m taciturn, clinging to the stanchion. A hawser round my neck and it starts to burn. … Read moreThree, Two, Done…

Excerpt: Perseverance

Nothing is more motivating than watching an infant learn. Instinctively, they conquer all obstacles to reach each development milestone. From the beginning, we are programmed to achieve our goals. Even so, somewhere along with the years, our determination disappears. Settling upon mediocrity, our dreams fade to an acceptance of a lesser reality. Stored under the dust … Read moreExcerpt: Perseverance

Poem: A Life Left Behind

The years have changed us, Ten to be exact. At one time, we talked and laughed all night. We planned and dreamed of what our futures would bring. So bright it seemed,The future. The parties were fun, Mixed in with the studies, All nighters studying calculus, And differential equations. We were on top of the … Read morePoem: A Life Left Behind

Poem: Too Young to Die

Fire in the sky,Too young to die,Barely hanging on,Drag him along. Stuck in the dark,Needles are too sharp,Barely scraping by,Hang him out to dry. Lost in the sea,Broken and bloody dreams,Barely standing up,Someone hold him up. He’s falling.Someone keep him up. He fell.Someone pick him up. Too Young to die,Someone keep him alive. -Dee Clark … Read morePoem: Too Young to Die