The Villains can have a happy ending too, y’know.

Insert crowd gasps! Yes, I did say that. Self-proclaimed villains- maybe bullies, that jerk co-worker, or that one absurd celebrity does indeed deserve a happy ending. And before, you type out a rather creative response to this article- I have rationale behind this! We all encounter people with less than ideal attitudes, in fact, you … Read moreThe Villains can have a happy ending too, y’know.

Poem of The Week – “Yin & Yang”

Hello again, wonderful world of BayArt! It’s me, Queertastic again, and it’s my favorite time of the week, poetry time! This week, we have a poem from the super talented Varun (find his blog here) and it’s actually his second time being featured on here. If you’re interested in getting your poetry featured, you can … Read morePoem of The Week – “Yin & Yang”

Lover, Stay (?)

Your eyes  are cold, but so am I. So they should feel like home, right? Your eyes, your skin, your bones, they aren’t even cold comfort- they offer no comfort. And yet, a barren soul like me should find comfort in you. Because of your empty ink lines that stain your mind, cloud your thoughts, … Read moreLover, Stay (?)