Depression – soon you might be an old friend.

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Guess who’s back, back again, Kirsty’s back, tell a friend.

This is quite a bizarre feeling, I didn’t even realise it until a few weeks ago, but I feel ‘fine’. Not sure if ‘fine’ cuts it, I feel ‘great’ – Tony the tiger great.

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For someone diagnosed with depression, who monitored her every feeling for fear falling back into the ‘darkness’ I sure did miss the turning point in my mental health, much like failing to see the dark path into depression. But I think, think, there’s light ahead, I’m pretty sure I see a flicker of hope and normality, in the not too far future. 

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Fairy Tales and such…

Fairy tales and myths fascinate me, as I know they do many writers. These stories after all, are often our first segue into the world of fantasy, lore, and legend. They are also our link to ancestors and even the archetypes buried in our psyche. Jung was of course, famously fascinated by them. Fairy tales … Read more Fairy Tales and such…

A War Against The Mirror

My worth as a woman is measured in my body and, by society’s standards, it’s not up to scratch.

Recovering from the Blips

Recovering from the Blips

It’s hard to describe the predicaments that my youthful days have brought up. Being born and raised in Africa gives you a front row seat of the good, the bad and the truly insane. Despite everything, I sit here and look back with a whimper; telling my conscious that we survived yet another blip. I … Read more Recovering from the Blips

In My Own Time

My recovery is not going at the speed some people would like. I’m too slow. Not making enough progress. I’m not doing enough work or making changes quickly enough. Apparently. It is absolutely true that many people who commence recovery – from anything – progress at a faster rate. They make changes and those changes … Read more In My Own Time

Sidling Along

When I’m not going forward in recovery, I’m perfectly happy to accept sideways. Because moving sideways is not going backwards. I have recently spent the most glorious three days in a lovely little holiday house – big hikes through the bush, lots of champagne and chocolate, late nights lying in front of a roaring fire … Read more Sidling Along

10 Benefits of Recovery Great for Every Person on the Planet

Wherever you are in this life, you can use these benefits to grow, develop yourself and find peace.

What do I need?

Since I fell apart last year, people keep asking, Are you okay? How can I help? If you need anything, just ask! They are genuine offers but I never know how to respond so just say I’m fine and don’t need anything. Not because I’m a martyr but because I genuinely have no idea. When I’m socialising … Read more What do I need?

Why Do I Do It?

I am coming to the end of an eight week online course for recovery from binge eating and/or bulimia. I am about to commence an eight week online course for transformational writing and author awakening. Both cost money. Neither will return any money to me. So their intrinsic value is about personal growth, not financial … Read more Why Do I Do It?