A million starts in her eyes

I will make you smile again… And again … More, more and more. Until you stop seeing forms. Until you are no longer able to think. Until you disappear. And you find yourself again you will be flying. You will turn your face towards the sky and you will see the most beautiful stars that … Read moreA million starts in her eyes

Making an angel smile

I just wanted to ask you … How does it feel like to be an angel? I will make you smile so much by reading this words that you will have no choice but to stop everything that you are doing and see how perfect you are. To see that you already are all that … Read moreMaking an angel smile

♡ Perfect Love ♡

Once upon a time… well you know the story right? A girl met a boy and they live a happy life forever and ever on this world. But let’s change the story a little bit, let’s change it … to my story. This girls meets the boy and he shows her the moon and the stars, they … Read more♡ Perfect Love ♡

When dreams become real

Do you know those moments in your life where everything is so perfect.
Those moments where you are living everything that you ever dreamed to live.
Where you find yourself living a moment of your pure and most perfect dream.
You are experiencing a moment, that months ago was your dream … that dream that was ‘impossible’, that would never, ever, ever happen.. and there you are, living it.…

Through My Life’s Love Journey

We all have had our fair share of the heartaches and heartbreaks and as funny as it may sound, but I’m actually glad they happened as these times have thought me  a lot about myself, people, love and life in general. No doubt love is great and as a matter of fact, it’s a wonderful … Read moreThrough My Life’s Love Journey

Remembering My Mum

These past few months have been some the most emotionally charged moments of my life. One is never truly ready or prepared to lose a parent or loved one. As my Aunt Adrienne said to me just the other day, “It’s as if a light had gone out in the world”. Such a perfect explanation … Read moreRemembering My Mum

Inspiration is your calling

Whenever you feel inspired, open your heart, empty your mind and listen.
See what is it calling you to do, what is it inspiring to be, get a sense of the vision for your life that your inspiration is showing you.

Trust that. 😉

“Don’t need” – Master your freedom

You are perfect, you are whole, you are complete.

Don’t need…Master your freedom.

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