A Life Less Ordinary

I haven’t been felt like writing for a while now. It’s definitely a type of therapy to get my thoughts out of my head, but it’s like I haven’t known what to say about my feelings and situation. I’ve been finding it hard to find the motivation to even the smallest of things like wash … Read moreA Life Less Ordinary

Let Me Be

Just because I’m not an oracle of calmness doesn’t mean that I’m irrational. Just because I’m angry at you and your friends and your family doesn’t mean that I’m an unkind person. Honestly, I don’t express such anger unless provoked. Having all the people around you stand and judge me, say I’m unsuitable, say I’m … Read moreLet Me Be

Thirsty Thursdays of Recent Times

A poem dedicated to my fave… It’s the last time. The very last time. No more ‘one more times’, this is the last time. It is not a ghost of our relationship, he is the ghost of the boy I loved. A shell of the beautiful boy who loved and cared for me so much. … Read moreThirsty Thursdays of Recent Times

What You Need to Know

I need you to know something. When I’m depressed, I’m not myself. Or maybe I am myself…it’s hard to imagine ever being happy. When I’m depressed, I don’t mean what I say. If I’m upset or angry with you, I don’t mean to be. However, it means I’m not getting what I need to in … Read moreWhat You Need to Know

The magic art of moving on

It feels like there is something heavy on your chest, something that distracts your piece of mind. There is no other feeling like that – what could I have done differently? Was it all my fault? What if I never met those people? Memories. Pleasant ones turned into ones you want to forget. Forever. Whenever … Read moreThe magic art of moving on

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