Moving on..

It isn’t that I haven’t felt like writing, it’s more than I haven’t known how to put into words how I’m feeling. Things have changed so much since the last time I wrote on here. There are so many possibilities for the future and my head is swimming with them. I want to do something … Read moreMoving on..

Realizations: Tough Love Doesn’t Work for a Perfectionist

Perfectionism: Being Tough on Myself Since I was a little girl I’ve been a perfectionist. The way I colored in the lines or how my homework had to be neat all the time, showed how hard I was on myself to be my best and do my best. I was tough on myself at a … Read moreRealizations: Tough Love Doesn’t Work for a Perfectionist

10 things you should do to improve your day!

I was drafting a blog post the other day after getting a harsh verbal beating. (Which I ended up posting just the other day!) And all I was wanting to do was something to take my mind off it. Although I couldn’t get up and move. I thought “go for a walk” or “read a … Read more10 things you should do to improve your day!

Woebot, the cool new mental health tool!

I was browsing twitter (great habit huh) the other day and I stumbled upon this post about a bot, that is designed to help you through some rough times. The creators are very strict about the fact that Woebot is not a therapist, and is not a substitute for your mental health care. I was very happy to read … Read moreWoebot, the cool new mental health tool!

Art: How I Cope

I mentioned in my last blog post about how play is important for everyone. I mean, who can live day-by-day simply working on their to-do list, but never finding time to relax? I certainly cannot! It may not be daily, but at least once a week I find time for a coping mechanism that helps … Read moreArt: How I Cope


I introduced myself to my fellow writers in the awakening authors course I’m starting soon. I introduced myself in verse 🙂 I am Simone. Which rhymes with c’mon, not Ramone. I’m a flautist, a teacher, a singer. A mother, musician and mental health advocate. I devour chai tea, decaf lattes, gin & tonics. Pumpkin soup, … Read moreVerses

Confessions of a disordered mind

Sometimes I worry that the reason I struggle with recovery, is I don’t want to recover. And sometimes I worry that the reason I don’t want to recover, is people will stop being nice to me. When you grow in an emotionally sterile environment, you grow craving love, affection and nurturing. You can then find … Read moreConfessions of a disordered mind

Worst boyfriend ever

He wants me. He needs me. He loves me. He sounds interested and knowing. He rejoices when my heart is singing. His voice is compassionate and caring. He comforts me in my darkest moments. He protects, nurtures and encourages me. He exudes a wisdom and confidence I am in awe of. He wants only the best … Read moreWorst boyfriend ever


… Unfortunately the word vulnerable has a bad connotation. If you make yourself vulnerable, or put yourself in a vulnerable position you will get hurt. Vulnerability is a bad thing. But, there is always a Positive in a Negative, as there is a Negative in a Positive. Everything has two sides. Always! Google’s definition of Vulnerable is: …