Moving on..

It isn’t that I haven’t felt like writing, it’s more than I haven’t known how to put into words how I’m feeling. Things have changed so much since the last time I wrote on here. There are so many possibilities for the future and my head is swimming with them. I want to do something … Read moreMoving on..


I often reflect on the puzzle of that which is the human race; scattered pieces of discontent and distraction. We spend an immense amount of time wishing and hoping, but never taking ownership over our part in it all. It’s taken me a lifetime to realize that our circumstances are always a direct reflection, or … Read moreKaleidoscope

Where to Go when in Search of your True Self

Our world is brimming with remarkable destinations constantly drawing all globetrotters who yearn to discover new depths and meaning of their inner beings, while experiencing the most untamed corners of the planet. It’s these places that lead to unexpected revelations and new awareness that will allow for the most significant life-changing events to happen. Based … Read moreWhere to Go when in Search of your True Self

Woebot, the cool new mental health tool!

I was browsing twitter (great habit huh) the other day and I stumbled upon this post about a bot, that is designed to help you through some rough times. The creators are very strict about the fact that Woebot is not a therapist, and is not a substitute for your mental health care. I was very happy to read … Read moreWoebot, the cool new mental health tool!

Let’s talk about your happy place.

Hello everyone! I was actually blessed to join this blog roughly 3 months ago, and I was too shy to honestly step out of my bubble. I’m proud to say I’m ready to say hello and welcome! Starting a blog is the best journey I’ve ever traveled and I can’t wait to keep climbing. I … Read moreLet’s talk about your happy place.


What does “ruin” mean to you? What if ruin was not at all what the dictionary says but something altogether more vast and brilliant than words can imply? Read on.

If You Could Be Straight, Would You?

It’s a loaded question. My first instinct, my first voice would scream “no! Be proud, be happy, be unapologetic!”. Because I’m Queertastic, right? My name is literally a statement of how gay I am. So, so, gay. Actually, more so bisexual, but you guys get it. The truth is, as much as I hate to … Read moreIf You Could Be Straight, Would You?