The Science Delusion

The Science Delusion   “The Science Delusion is the belief that science already understands the nature of reality”.   “Everyone of this dogmas is very questionable and when you look at it, they fall apart”.   “This the default worldview which is held by almost all educated people all over the world, its the basis … Read moreThe Science Delusion

The Scales Of Wants & Needs

The Weigh Scales Of Wants & Needs This post is dedicated to the happy the hungry, the hopeful one and the helpless one.  Oh, what a difference a year makes!  About two weeks ago or maybe more I was asked to conduct a blog post on the difference between what a person wants vs what … Read moreThe Scales Of Wants & Needs

The Meaning of the Forest

As I sit in the quiet of the forest, I am lost to the peace and energy that permeates my being. I absolutely love being in the forest. When I am amongst the trees, I feel at one with the world, unified with our disconnected society. All worries wash away…all stress fades…all concerns are lifted … Read moreThe Meaning of the Forest

The Word Of The Week Is….. Patience!

Project Bible 365 Day 73: The Word Of The Week Is….. Patience!   Disclaimer/Advice: NEVER WRITE ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET WHILE YOU’RE ANGRY! The idea for this devotional occurred after I dealt with a very stressful financial situation.   I was dealing with a financial fiasco earlier today because the government officials I deal with … Read moreThe Word Of The Week Is….. Patience!

She belongs in the stars ? She is my girl

She plays at a Top level, she flies while they walk, she dreams while they talk, they belong to this world while she belongs in the stars. ?