The Time I Saved Myself

Do I regret anything I did this year? Overall, no. I’ve made some mistakes for sure but I’ve learnt so much, grown so much as person. I started the year on a low, filled with anxiety. I soon lifted myself into a better place, finding a job and following that with finding a new home. … Read moreThe Time I Saved Myself

Moving on..

It isn’t that I haven’t felt like writing, it’s more than I haven’t known how to put into words how I’m feeling. Things have changed so much since the last time I wrote on here. There are so many possibilities for the future and my head is swimming with them. I want to do something … Read moreMoving on..

Where to Go when in Search of your True Self

Our world is brimming with remarkable destinations constantly drawing all globetrotters who yearn to discover new depths and meaning of their inner beings, while experiencing the most untamed corners of the planet. It’s these places that lead to unexpected revelations and new awareness that will allow for the most significant life-changing events to happen. Based … Read moreWhere to Go when in Search of your True Self

The Best of Me

This week I’ve realised and recognised some important things about myself. I have spent the week alone in our flat as my partner is on holiday visiting friends and family. At first when I left him at the bus station I felt sad and really anxious for a few different reasons. I worried about feeling … Read moreThe Best of Me

Castle in the Sky

I often sit and contemplate how different my life looks from moment to moment – season to season. In my youth I never thought about the seasons of life; beyond Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, I was unaware that life was ever-evolving. A child completely oblivious to forces of nature, directing one’s thoughts, will, and … Read moreCastle in the Sky


25 Ways to do … 13 Methods of … 7 Principles of… 15 Reasons to… 10 Concepts that… Did you ever get the feeling all these articles, helpful though many of them may be, are just another way of trying to understand the world we live in…? What does it mean when we are trying … Read moreHope…


  There’s magic in being Inspire (*In *Spirit).   Take the adversity and use it as a reason to be inspire.   “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – Walt Disney   You have the power to transform the past into something that will drive you to … Read moreInspire