#Writeitdown: My Life is Mine

The Twenties: Building Yourself The early and mid twenties are the struggle years. These years are filled with confusion and doubt, hopelessness, and depression, but also hope and opportunities. These are the years where we find who we are. The years where we ask questions, important questions, that will challenge how we live and think. … Read more#Writeitdown: My Life is Mine

Coming Through

I’ve found this week such a struggle, like a real tough week. I’ve found it hard to even do basic things like brush my teeth or get dressed and that isn’t like me. I’ve had struggles with my sleep since I was a child, conditions have to be just so and now living with my … Read moreComing Through

Fortitude and the pull of the other…

Ah the things I feel like I have ruined along the way. Grief and despair have this unfortunate ability to rise and grow without much feeding. A few minutes with regret and boom! They seem to tower over the whole day. I work to listen to music, read, write, and find positives to bolster the … Read moreFortitude and the pull of the other…


Did you know climbing some of the biggest mountains can leave climbers with symptoms that are very similar to heart failure? Death zones are places at the top of a mountain where low oxygen and poor weather conditions make even breathing a pain-filled struggle. A documentary on K2 detailed the descent of a group of … Read moreSummit

Fearing Failure

Lately I have been struggling with something, something deep. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. I just knew I was fearful. Fearful of what? I didn’t know. I could not put my finger on the issue. As I was crying out to God I came to the realization that I was afraid of failing. fail·ure noun … Read moreFearing Failure

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