The Mental Health Game of Tag, You’re It!

I have been so lucky…the depression has been swept aside again (mostly). It’s a constant tug-a-war battle with the depression. There are good days, bad days, and mixed days. Heck, sometimes there are just days where I throw my hands up in the air and impatiently wait for a redo button to appear to try … Read more

Bah, Easter!

by Martha Maggio aka Crafty B/poopiemcgoo 🙂 I really hate holidays. As a recovering food addict and post-surgery weight loss patient, I really deep-down hate holidays. Food-centric, contortions of celebration. Self-righteous self-indulgence. Every shred of meaning gets licked off the dish of holiness. Holidays hold no restraint or significance; they’re orgies, not feasts. Birthdays, Valentine’s, … Read more

Surviving Thanksgiving: Strategies for the Newly Divorced & Separated

Thanksgiving is the first “big” holiday my ex-wife, Caroline and I will share since separating last April, after 28 years of a mostly happy marriage. This year, a not-so-small army will attend. Besides our three daughters, Caroline’s five brothers and sisters, and their families, will join us. Along with my sister, her husband, and her … Read more