165+ EXCLUSIVE Letting Go Quotes That Will Guide You

letting go quotes

Every day is a new chance to let go and feel peaceful because holding on to past hurts doesn’t fix anything. Replaying in the mind over and over again doesn’t change it, but releasing attachments will help you to create a strong sense of self. Letting go quotes will guide you through difficult time to … Read more

240+ Essential Good Morning Quotes and Blessings

Inspirational good morning quotes and blessings are words of wisdom that often encourage everybody to welcome the brand new morning with passion, hope, and enthusiasm. These quotes about morning and wishes give you the motivation that divulges in the beauty of a brand new day! As what Marcus Aurelius said: “When you arise in the morning, think of … Read more

Be Gentle With Yourself, You’re Doing The Best You Can

My boyfriend left me to shower this morning as he had things to get on with. As I stepped out the shower and dried myself I started to feel really anxious. We chowed down on pizza last night, a very late night snack, mine was a low fat option but I knew my body wouldn’t … Read more

Consciousness and Memories

We humans have been living on Earth since millions of years. So many changes and events took place, which lead to the evolution of mankind. From the fire-inventing barbarians to so-called “civilised” and “intelligent” beings. Thinking is what has lead us here. Every person is constantly ‘thinking’. Every second of our lives we think, thoughts keep … Read more

The Game of Life

As we all start growing, we start thinking more about what life exactly is? Who are we? What are we? Everyday that we live, everything that happens to you, does it all mean something? This is what I think about all the happenings that takes place in one’s life: “Life is a board game, with … Read more

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” ~Nelson Mandela

Let Me Tell You About Courage! “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it…” ~Nelson Mandela Hellooooo EVERYBODYYYYY!!! I’m in an extremely good…NO…. A WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT, MARVELOUS, FANTASTIC mood today. Why? You ask?  Because all my hard work is finally paying off!  Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned … Read more

Rope and Life

We live in a world where there are billions of unique people and nearly uncountable different species of animals, many yet not discovered. Each individual living their own life, but still in some way connected to each other. We are busy with our own lives, trying to figure out what exactly life is, but maybe … Read more

Sharing an Enthusiastic Hello and Thank You While Pouring my Heart Out to You

Hello, everyone! I would like to say thank you to whoever has taken the time to read my blog posts, especially this one!!! Sharing an Enthusiastic Hello and Thank You While Pouring My Heart Out to You Today I am sharing an enthusiastic hello and thank you. I realized that I just plunged into blogging … Read more

The Overwhelming Urge To Run, The Struggle Finding Peace with Chronic Illness

Have you ever wanted to just run away? Not really from the one you love but from your life. Take a life vacation? Take your love and fly somewhere new and exotic forget the reality of your life. That feeling can sometimes be overwhelming when life just isn’t the way you wanted it to turn … Read more