Preface – Week One

Hey all! So just to fill you all in, this is the first post of a mini weekly series that I’m creating documenting my accomplishments and shortcomings of training for my first half marathon. Yes, a half marathon. 13.1 miles of crazy, but considering it’s only a half marathon, I would like to think that … Read morePreface – Week One

Training For Reigning. 

The future we all want is our responsibility to make it a reality.  It is easier said than done, only a few put their words into action. More so that they keep updating themselves for their best version, hoping to unfold happiness, success and satisfaction.  It is expedient that we get ourselves equipped rightly and … Read moreTraining For Reigning. 

Love the Body you in live in

The body is an extension of yourself, it is a direct reflection of your mind and what you believe in.

Your body reflects how strong you feel yourself to be, how amazing you believe yourself to be and you will love your body as more as you love yourself.

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