A Two Way Conversation – All In

In our desire to have an all in relationship we must remember that conversation is vital to survival. God wants to have conversations with us. This is displayed all throughout the bible and history with people doing amazing things after spending time in conversation with God. Moses after a heart to heart with God rescued … Read moreA Two Way Conversation – All In

Crawl out of the Cardboard Box – All In

Kevin Ott uses a story of living our lives in a cardboard castle. We live in it enthralled with its beauty, fantasizing about how great it is to live here. Yet outside the box is a real castle, clothed in every jewel, precious metal and lush fabrics. Inside the box we are so caught up … Read moreCrawl out of the Cardboard Box – All In

A Closer Connection with God – All In

As we earnestly work towards an all in relationship with God we must understand that this relationship incorporates all three sides of God. God the Son, who frees us from Sin. God the Father who loves us and watches over us. God the Spirit who works in us, without the Holy Spirit our relationship would … Read moreA Closer Connection with God – All In

Breaking the Bondage – All In

In my full-time job, I have been working at understanding mental illness and how to identify if someone is struggling with this. This has become so prevalent in our society, yet it has been around since the dawn of man, only coming to the forefront in the last century. One of the causes of this … Read moreBreaking the Bondage – All In