How Six Feet of Water Changed my Anxiety

Vacations with Tati In the first week of May, I visited my closest friend Tati in Syracuse. When I’m with Tati we go on adventures and I have the opportunity to try new daring things I would otherwise pass up.  This May I went jogging in six feet of water for the first time. I … Read moreHow Six Feet of Water Changed my Anxiety

Water or Pickle Juice – All In

Health organizations have been reminding us for years now that we need to drink more water. Water makes up a large portion of who we are, and it is important in the maintenance of the bodies we have been given. Water for some is easily obtained, while others have to travel far to draw water … Read moreWater or Pickle Juice – All In

Buckets of Grace

She brought me a bucket Of calm, clear sea. She bent down slowly And put it at my feet. Out of her pocket, She withdrew a wild rose. She placed the bright, red flower Right between my toes. She sat for a while With her head upon my knee. Our bodies warm together Her soft … Read moreBuckets of Grace

Deep Calls To Deep

I just read an article online about this verse: Psalm 42:7 Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. In the article, which I won’t link to here because I’m about to disagree (LOL), states that this could be David lamenting about his troubles. … Read moreDeep Calls To Deep

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