The Stripper Song

Chocolate. Cinnamon. Snow Bunny…Get up on that pole, and Bounce…that…booty. I can imagine words as these floating around the walls of Onyx, Penthouse Club, Mr. Lucky’s, and Magic City. Crowds going wild over all the bodies twirling, but no one knows their victory. No one knows their story. So, this right here’s a stripper song. … Read moreThe Stripper Song

This Shifting Society

We are at a crossroads, a don’t look, stop staring – retribution of a gender explosion holds no safeguards,   Remember that time when we created, the worst part of life is knowing, not wanting, that was the error in judgment, the need today, far different than any single man, any single woman, any single … Read moreThis Shifting Society

Walk 4 Refuge

Domestic violence. You’ve probably seen enough headlines and news articles about it to last you a lifetime. There are hundreds of books that have been written based on true stories, told by victims of domestic violence. You might even be experiencing it yourself. If so, please head straight to the bottom of this post. Right … Read moreWalk 4 Refuge

Domestic abuse ‘workshops’ reduce repeat offending and harm to public

The first domestic abuse policing strategy in UK history to be trialled under experimental conditions has found that an inexpensive two-day course in behaviour management for first offenders resulted in 35% fewer men reoffending against their partner, and reduced further harm to victims by over a quarter. Researchers at Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology worked … Read moreDomestic abuse ‘workshops’ reduce repeat offending and harm to public

A War Against The Mirror

My worth as a woman is measured in my body and, by society’s standards, it’s not up to scratch.

This is Why..#Respect part 2

This is why..#Respect Part 2 Men I haven’t had a father in my life since I was 12 years old, and when my father was here, He wasn’t the type to respect a woman unless he wanted something from her and he showed that with my Mother. So I was never taught how to respect … Read moreThis is Why..#Respect part 2


She looked at me and said, ‘today is Thursday’. I tried to release a sigh of relief but, my thoughts soon reminded me how the weekend would pass by; I would once again be back at my desk on a Monday morning. I love women in power though. Nothing is more satisfying than having a … Read moreP R O M I S E S

#WINNING, eh maybe not, now

Man, do I remember the days when life handed me already made lemonade instead of fuckin lemons! I feel like sometimes I cannot catch a break. I remember when life was simple. I remember when it was easy, and the older I got the harder it got. Its exhausting, because just think, I DIDN’T ASK … Read more#WINNING, eh maybe not, now

On the Platform

What are you waiting for? They aren’t coming back. Your tears are falling As they ramble down the track. You’re on your own. Frightened and alone. You are endlessly waiting For the next moment to rise. For destiny to find you And dry your pain-filled eyes. But you don’t have to wait. We decide our … Read moreOn the Platform

Am I hurting myself, now?

I feel like the things I want aren’t big or extravagant. I don’t really ask for much and what I do ask for I feel I should get it with no problem hands down, but I don’t. Ideally my life could just be so much better. I am unhappy in every aspect of my life … Read moreAm I hurting myself, now?