Maisou (Oct 2015) and Trust me (Oct 2017) 

Maisou by Victoriadeyemi   Trust me by Victoriadeyemi Thank you BayArt for the support! Please visit for the prequel to this piece. And visit for more posts like this one. I run away from people who ask me to trust them, how could I trust a person when I can’t really trust myself? I cannot definitively … Read moreMaisou (Oct 2015) and Trust me (Oct 2017) 


My beautiful image How I love you In your total unreality Filtered through A hundred lenses Of need and hope Guilded with dreams Moulded as a shield Against fear Against uncertainty Never undervalue Or underestimate The rarity of safety What precious lengths Can be called upon To secure this So precious jewel Was it offered … Read moreMirage

Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Here’s How

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of it’s strength.” ~Corrie Ten Boom We all worry We all worry. What if you lost everything–your house, car and your job? What if your child is born with a birth defect or severe illness? What if your spouse leaves you for someone hotter, … Read moreDon’t Worry. Be Happy. Here’s How