Are you the one that got away?

I obsessively worry about the day we finally meet in person. Will you be as beautiful as in the perfectly lit photos that accentuate your flawless skin? Will you see the recognition in my eyes as I pretend to meet you for the first time? Will you see the hours I’ve spent studying you and … Read moreAre you the one that got away?

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing But I’m Trying

Words are the tools of creators and with each honest word, we can begin to see a change not only to ourselves, but those that find depth within words that might once have seemed irrelevant to the speaker. I like to think that it is platforms like Bay Art that help create these small changes. … Read moreI Don’t Know What I’m Doing But I’m Trying

Excerpt: Three Generations of Coopers

A new name on the meeting notice grabbed my attention: John C. Cooper III. Three generations of John Coopers, I was curious to meet the man. Dialing in one by one we stated our names and job titles. Silently, we waited for the newcomer. Alas the silence was broken as a shrill voice rang in … Read moreExcerpt: Three Generations of Coopers

Excerpt: Perseverance

Nothing is more motivating than watching an infant learn. Instinctively, they conquer all obstacles to reach each development milestone. From the beginning, we are programmed to achieve our goals. Even so, somewhere along with the years, our determination disappears. Settling upon mediocrity, our dreams fade to an acceptance of a lesser reality. Stored under the dust … Read moreExcerpt: Perseverance

Poem: A Life Left Behind

The years have changed us, Ten to be exact. At one time, we talked and laughed all night. We planned and dreamed of what our futures would bring. So bright it seemed,The future. The parties were fun, Mixed in with the studies, All nighters studying calculus, And differential equations. We were on top of the … Read morePoem: A Life Left Behind

Poem: Too Young to Die

Fire in the sky,Too young to die,Barely hanging on,Drag him along. Stuck in the dark,Needles are too sharp,Barely scraping by,Hang him out to dry. Lost in the sea,Broken and bloody dreams,Barely standing up,Someone hold him up. He’s falling.Someone keep him up. He fell.Someone pick him up. Too Young to die,Someone keep him alive. -Dee Clark … Read morePoem: Too Young to Die

Excerpt: Finding Myself

For years, I lived hidden under a veil created by the standards of societal normalcy. To you, I had everything. To you, I was happy. To you, I had achieved what some may consider the American Dream. Every aspect of my life was perfectly orchestrated to convince not only you, but myself, that I was … Read moreExcerpt: Finding Myself

Poem: Something in the Crisp Air

A cool breeze tickled my face,Crisp, clear air.The waves rolled and crashed,I watched from behind the glass,Sipping Anejo. A soft sunlight warmed my face,Crisp, clear air.They spoke of love and family,I watched atop the mountain,Standing silently. A bird sung into my ear,Crisp, clear air.The trees swayed and provided shade,I watched from within the screen,Smiling shyly. … Read morePoem: Something in the Crisp Air

Poem: With You, I Found Love

Then,The concept of love eluded me.I thought I could mold him,Into the person I wanted him to be,But that isn’t love. He told me it would just take time,That in the end everything would be fine,But it wasn’t. Later,You didn’t ask for my love,You asked for my friendship.That was something I knew I could give,And … Read morePoem: With You, I Found Love