People often ask me: Why are you so quiet? Or Do you even talk?
And I usually don’t answer (& by usually, I mean pretty much never)

Why Do I barely ever answer those questions?
Well… Because… Why would I answer a question designed to make me talk for no reason?
When I have something to say I will say it, you don’t have to ask me a ridiculous question just to make me talk?
And, also, usually when I say something it’s either a joke (because sometimes I’m funny) or something in passionate about (like telling story from my travels) or I’m answering one of those ridiculous questions again (because sometimes I HAVE to answer or else the person will just get annoying).

. . .

Talking is stupid anyways! I’d rather have a real conversation then just talk!

What the difference; you ask?

Well, let me explain it to you?

. . .

I think talking and having a conversation are different because when you are talking to someone about random things (like small talk) chances are when you wake up the next morning you won’t even remember half of the conversation. When people talk, they are either just trying to pass the time or trying to seem interested so they can ignore other tasks.

However, when you are having a real conversation with someone and both of you are invested into the conversation chances are when you wake up the next morning and remember at least half of the conversation (you might have even learned something).

Conversations are better because they teach you a lot of things, like; patience, listening, understanding that learning is an ongoing process, etc…

. . .

So, next time you are ‘talking’ to someone, don’t expect one person to carry a two-way conversation; no one wants to talk for two people (that’s like talking to yourself): Try to be invested in the conversation, and…

Don’t listen just to answer; Listen to respond or ask a question!

P.S. Also, please never ask someone (especially someone shy) why they’re quiet; Just start a normal conversation with them. They probably have more to say than you think (and if you ask them that question, it will just discourage them).

Thanks for reading!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂


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