100+ Best Tea Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Tea is a drink made by pouring hot water onto dried and cut leaves and sometimes flowers, especially the leaves of the tea plant. Profoundly inspirational tea quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous Tea Quotes

If I was making a tea advert, I would want to communicate about tea is that it can console you, it can start your day, there is the warmth and the ritual, and you can share it; you make someone a cup of tea and you offer it to them. — Matt Smith

The Tea Party is an organic, spontaneous movement that rose up in opposition to to the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda. — Michele Bachmann

One way the Tea Party has benefited female candidates – and the conservative movement generally – is by consciously steering clear of social issues. — Hanna Rosin

I got nasty habits; I take tea at three. — Mick Jagger

My creative workday starts with strong breakfast tea and a few minutes of journaling, both of which help me get my head in the story. So much of story-building for me involves immersing myself in the character and situation I’ll be working on, just the way an actor does when playing a role. — Therese Fowler

American-style iced tea is the perfect drink for a hot, sunny day. It’s never really caught on in the UK, probably because the last time we had a hot, sunny day was back in 1957. — Tom Holt

It was widespread that the politics of Tea Party people would be foreign to Ronald Reagan and they would be seen by him as frivolous and uninformed. — Eugene Jarecki

Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things. — Chaim Potok

To get rid of swelling… I put green tea bags on my eyelids. Or I grab cold spoons that I leave in the freezer and put them on my eyes. — Shay Mitchell

I don’t think ‘my way or the highway’ works, that mentality. And that’s what the Tea Party has done: drawn a line in the sand. I’m sorry – that doesn’t work in business, that doesn’t work in your family, it certainly doesn’t work in government and our Congress. — Patrick Murphy

Normally, when I read a script, I read 30 pages, and then go have a cup of tea and come back. And then, I read 20 pages and go make a phone call, and then go back to it. — Luke Pasqualino

When I wake up, I always drink tons of Guayaki organic yerba mate tea. — Lisa Edelstein

It ought to be illegal for an artist to marry. If the artist must marry let him find someone more interested in art, or his art, or the artist part of him, than in him. After which let them take tea together three times a week. — Ezra Pound

A cake is a very good test of an oven: if it browns too much on one side and not on the other, it’s not your fault – you need to have your oven checked. — Delia Smith

As much as you can eat healthy, it’s also important to remember to drink healthy too. Tea is very healing. — Kristin Chenoweth

A tea set is good for a newborn girl. It is a gift that instantly makes the room a girl’s room. — Phoebe Cates

Americans are so direct. They’d ask me, ‘What’s your five-year plan? Do you have a five-year plan?’ I don’t know what I’m having for my tea tonight let alone a five-year plan. — Ashley Jensen

I’ve never cooked. I can’t do much more in the kitchen than make a cup of tea and some toast. — Ethel Merman

Is there no Latin word for Tea? Upon my soul, if I had known that I would have let the vulgar stuff alone. — Hilaire Belloc

After tea it’s back to painting – a large poplar at dusk with a gathering storm. From time to time instead of this evening painting session I go bowling in one of the neighbouring villages, but not very often. — Gustav Klimt

I have a Viking stove. The color is butter lemon, and I had to wait several months for it, because that color wasn’t available and I really wanted butter lemon! But I don’t know that it’s seriously ever been cooked on. I mean, I make tea every morning. Does that count? — Andy Cohen

I was in Yorkshire. We were a family of five and I used to be sent sometimes to get the rations for the week and was easily able to carry them back. It was like one egg and a tiny bit of tea. — Judi Dench

The Tea Party emerged from a laudably grassroots base: libertarians, fervent Constitutionalists, and ordinary people alarmed at the suppression of liberties, whether by George W. Bush or Barack Obama. — Naomi Wolf

Paramore will be the neighbor that comes over for tea and never leaves. — Hayley Williams

I’m a Cancerian, the typical crab with the tough outer shell and the soft bit in the middle. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with people being unnecessarily nasty, but I can take it if someone doesn’t like my music – I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. — Katherine Jenkins

My dad had always been a big decaf coffee drinker. But my mom had always been more of a tea drinker. So I grew up around a lot of tea. And I also really love tea. But I’m not one of those people who has ever felt the need to choose between coffee and tea. I think that is a completely false dichotomy. — Chelsea Clinton

I’m a green tea addict, though the occasional glass of red wine is nice, too. — Shilpa Shetty

The Tea Party ended up being a shill for corporate America. — Russ Feingold

I would make the tea on a Daniel Day-Lewis set just to observe how he crafts roles like he did in ‘My Left Foot.’ That was the equivalent of seeing Haley’s Comet for me. I just couldn’t understand how that was possible. — David Oyelowo

So, a lot of my supporters back home are members of the Tea Party. — Kristi Noem

When someone comes to visit me, they have to bring tea – you can’t stay in my house if you don’t bring me tea. — Ashley Madekwe

A glass of whisky in Scotland in the thirties cost less than a cup of tea. — Catherine Helen Spence

One thing Republican leaders, regardless of whether they love us or they hate us, have got to understand is there’s no way in hell there will ever be another Republican president without the active engagement of the Tea Party masses and support of the Tea Party masses. — Niger Innis

They are at the end of the gallery; retired to their tea and scandal, according to their ancient custom. — William Congreve

The Tea Party was born out of the disgust many Americans felt early in the financial crisis upon learning that the federal government was even contemplating reducing the principal on some troubled mortgages. — Mark Zandi

If someone tried to take the hierarchy thing too seriously – for example, being lovely to producers but moaning to runners about the tea – that would not be accepted on ‘Harry Potter’; someone would pull you aside and have a word. — Tom Felton

If I’m in Italy, I’m going to have a cappuccino and two small brioches and then a mix of orange and grapefruit. I don’t drink tea in Italy. — Christian Louboutin

I drink just as much tea when I’m in Los Angeles as I do when I’m in London. I take my tea bags with me wherever I go. — Helen Mirren

The Republican Party would be really smart to absorb as much of the Tea Party movement as possible. — Sarah Palin

While most Americans know about the Boston Tea Party, few are aware of the Liberty Tree and how important it was to fanning the flames of rebellion that led to the revolution in 1775 and the Declaration of Independence. — Ronald Kessler

I think what the Tea Party movement is – I’m all for it; they’re out there fighting for our rights, fighting for what our forefathers stood for. — Luke Scott

The Tea Party knows that continuing to delay charting a course to spending reform hurts everybody. — Bob Barr

I understand Tea Partyers’ anger with the system, but they are in way over their heads and often racially motivated, and I can’t be part of that. — Zach Galifianakis

I don’t feel particularly attached to Israel – ‘nationalism,’ as Noam Chomsky said, ‘is not my cup of tea’ – but I feel no particular need to demonize it. — Norman Finkelstein

If not for the Tea Party, the Republican Party would not be coming back to its roots. — Richard Mourdock

Brewing a good cuppa is something not everyone can do, and I loathe bad tea. — Rod Stewart

It became extremely important that we go and see the four heads of the governments, and the message was delivered, with the tea packets, to all these heads. — Satish Kumar

The tea is ice-cold, the room grows colder and colder, but I grow warmer and warmer. — Clara Schumann

I liked being a teenager, but I would not go back for all the tea in China. — Rob Lowe

I like tea and yoga, but I don’t do yoga. — Moby

I have a message from the Tea Party, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We’ve come to take our government back. — Rand Paul

The Tea Partiers don’t want all regulations eliminated. They just want laws that can be understood and regulations that aren’t going to destroy businesses, or leave deserving veterans without a source for a mortgage loan. — Neal Boortz

I would rather have a cup of tea than sex. — Boy George

Twinkle, twinkle little bat How I wonder what you’re at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea-tray in the sky. — Lewis Carroll

I came up the old-fashioned way – tea boy, cutter, focus-puller, cinematographer – but I wasn’t myself old-fashioned. — Nicolas Roeg

But to say that Sarah Palin and the tea party movement is responsible for vandalism or threats is just a way to dismiss the American people and, and their dissatisfaction with this health care bill — Laura Ingraham

Much of what Tea Party candidates claimed about the world and the global economy during the 2010 elections would have earned their adherents a well-deserved F in any freshman economics (or earth science) class. — Eric Alterman

I haven’t acquired a taste for green tea, and I don’t intend to. I like my coffee black with a little sugar, and it keeps my metabolism up! I don’t mind the occasional Gatorade while I’m gymming. — Arjun Rampal

Yes we need enhanced border control. Yes we need to focus our efforts on those who pose a threat to our country. But let’s not fall into the trap set by the Tea Party and others who would tell you that every single undocumented individual is a drug smuggler, a terrorist, or a threat to the American way of life. That is simply not true. — Michael Nutter

You don’t put milk in chamomile tea – that’s disgusting behavior! That’s not right. — Laura Fraser

I drink a bucket of white tea in the morning. I read about this tea of the Emperor of China, which is supposedly the tea of eternal youth. It’s called Silver Needle. It’s unbelievably expensive, but I get it on the Web. — Antonio Banderas

Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual. — Thomas de Quincey

I’m very interested in tea. I wouldn’t mind being involved in some aspect of the tea industry. — Alexander McCall Smith

First of all, do I think there’s some racists in the Tea Party? Yeah. I’m an ordained United Methodist pastor; there’s some racists in the Methodist church. I don’t know if there’s a body that does not have some racists in it. — Emanuel Cleaver

When the Tea Party comes to town, compromise goes out the door. — Claire McCaskill

When I was in college, I spent a summer working in London. I’d enjoyed tea before that, but then I got actual, really good tea there and never looked back. — Sarah Zettel

The idea of seeing everybody clad the same is not really my cup of tea — Christian Lacroix

I don’t t drink coffee, but I’m a tea addict. — Toks Olagundoye

There are some programs on FOX that are not only fair and balanced, they’re commentary shows. They don’t have to be. But they brag about how fair and balanced they are. They don’t cover rallies and tea parties. They cheer lead for rallies and tea parties. And as a journalist, I am totally against that. — Bernard Goldberg

There’s plenty of stuff that I don’t feel dissident about: I really like tea, I don’t have any problem with that. I like lots of paintings. — China Mieville

I think we have a rawer version of capitalism and a more fragile community and family base than other nations. We are a more individualistic culture. From the Boston Tea Party on, we’ve had too little faith in government. — Arlie Russell Hochschild

I have to wake up and drink chamomile tea to slow down. — Janice Dickinson

I smoke as much as I want and chew tobacco a good deal of the time. I don’t pay any attention to the rules for keeping in physical condition. I think they are a lot of bunk. The less you worry about the effect of tea and coffee on the lining of your stomach, the longer you will live, and the happier you will be. — Zack Wheat

I like cups of tea and reading books and poetry and old people things. — Bindi Irwin

I wanted to be a singer forever. But it’s not really my cup of tea. Having the whole world know who you are. — Adele

Tea-shops were to become my favourite haunts in England. — Zola Budd

Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. — Henry Fielding

In Mexico we have a trick – add a crystal of salt to the kettle and the tea tastes better, almost English. But after four pots, your kettle’s broken. — Gael Garcia Bernal

I think the Japanese love young, tannic red wines much more than most Americans do. Perhaps it is because Asians have a great fondness for tea, and tea is a very tannic beverage. Therefore a young, tannic red wine is something familiar to an Asian palate. — Robert M. Parker, Jr.

I have an amazing 1930s dress I picked up in Toronto at Cabaret on Queen West. It’s a red knee-length tea dress, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It makes me happy every time I put it on. — Lindy Booth

Much of what happens in Love Always is really from overheard conversations in the Russian Tea Room. It’s an improvisation of the way certain Hollywood agents think and talk to each other. — Ann Beattie

So I’m a pretty conservative fellow, but not conservative enough for the Tea Party. — Bob Inglis

Part of why the Tea Party so deeply threatened the elite media is the tea party looked around and suddenly realized, there are more of us than there are of them. — Newt Gingrich

The Occupy movement needs an organizing principle, and – just as the Tea Party did – it needs some actual measures of success. Choose one candidate whose agenda is squarely within that of the movement and make his or her electoral success a focal point. — Eliot Spitzer

It’s important when you’re married not to forget those things you used to do when you were trying to get her to marry you. You can’t send flowers and buy gifts then, when you’re married, say, ‘Right, get my tea on’. That doesn’t go down well. So you’ve got to keep that level of interest going. — David Walliams

Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the House right now seems to have been strangled by the tea party, — Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Oh, my friends, be warned by me, That breakfast, dinner, lunch and tea, Are all human frame requires. — Hilaire Belloc

I’m not the girl that sits at home on a Saturday night plaiting her girlfriend’s hair, drinking tea and watching romantic comedies. — Ricki-Lee Coulter

It has been rumoured that I was the brains of the robbery, but that was totally incorrect. I’ve been described as the tea boy, which is also incorrect. — Ronald Biggs

I came from a state where 35 percent self-identify as Tea Partiers, so I’m a bit distorted perhaps in my appreciation for the larger American population. — Brad Carson

The professional must learn to be moved and touched emotionally, yet at the same time stand back objectively: I’ve seen a lot of damage done by tea and sympathy. — Anthony Storr

I would make tea for Joni Mitchell or clean her car, anything to be in the studio and watch her work. — Sheena Easton

England was full of words I’d never heard before – streaky bacon, short back and sides, Belisha beacon, serviettes, high tea, ice-cream cornet. — Bill Bryson

Comic-strip stuff isn’t really my cup of tea, really. — Guy Pearce

I was Tea Party years before there was an official Tea Party. — Niger Innis

The Tea Party people say they’re angry about socialism, but maybe they’re really angry about capitalism. If there’s a sense of being looked down upon, it’s that sense of failure that’s built into a system that assures everyone they can make it to the top, but then reserves the top for only a tiny fraction of the strivers. — Gail Collins

Politics is not a tea party. When it is time to act, you have to move fast and decisively. — Edward Brooke

Let’s just say, the American school of suburban angst is not my cup of tea. — Katherine Dunn

Beating the tea party gang is more important than who does the beating. — Arlen Specter

Really it’s hard to know where the Republican Party ends and the Tea Party begins. — Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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