That Little Monster

It all started with a cash register

I remember this feeling

How the monster would just rest in my stomach like its waiting on something

Draining my energy from the inside out…a black hole…a vortex

How my smile turned upside down because I feel it

Nobody sees it

Nobody believes it

I have to validate my existence because like a owl they look at me, head turning to the right and to the left…who who who are you?

They look past my sanity but don’t see thats its fading

They think im faking

I have to break the eye contact

I’m going crazy

They say im faking

I cry inside for help but no ones hearing me

The little monster…it wants to crawl out from the pit of my stomach out of my mouth    I’m trembling

But it doesn’t

So I’m left confused with no relief…

I’m wondering

When is this feeling gunna go away

I rest my head but I’m still awake

The monster….its real…I can’t fake it

I wish it would leave

The little monster it wants to stay…but I can’t keep it



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4 thoughts on “That Little Monster

  1. this is a wonderful poem about anxiety.
    I can understand your fears and concerns very well. You do not need to get rid of your monster, you just have to learn to live with it.
    Look at it, your little monster inside of you. It’s not that bad. It just wants to be tamed!
    ( I painted the little monster for you…and posted it…if you want to have a look…; ) ..)

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