The Cost of Growth.

I talk a lot about accepting God’s method of change and being open to the stretching, growing and sharpening that often takes place. Because honestly, growing up is hard work. It takes a lot of courage to face your current situation and not only admit the need to do better – but take the steps necessary to move forward. It takes leaving what is comfortable behind and experiencing new and sometimes risky things. Life may begin outside of your comfort zone but your faith can only take you as far as you are willing to float. And float you must if you ever hope to view the destination God has planned out (in advance) for you.

I am learning to walk my talk. I want to be effective and inspire others through my testimony. Right now, God is moving very quickly in my life. So much so that my head is currently spinning with all the directions I can grow. I cannot be afraid to let go of what God temporarily provided for me. I am trying to embrace a positive outlook but today– truthfully, I want to curl up in a dark corner in my closet and cry until I can’t feel anymore.

I think we all feel helpless and hopeless at times. We feel like no one understands what we are going through. We think no one really cares or wants to listen. I personally do not want to burden anyone else with my life issues. I am a fixer, a problem solver– I have this silly notion that my troubles can only be addressed by me. I am learning this is the wrong attitude.

Sometimes, we get stuck in a cycle of negative thinking. We try not to think about the lives we are responsible for and the impact changes are going to have on our family. We try not to worry about what is going to happen or when. We try not to stress about our finances. Trying not to break down constantly because we will never have the answers for everything.

No– forget “trying” I will NOT do any of that. After all, I have been praying for God to move mountains in my life. And whenever he decides to make that happen, who am I to complain or suggest how and at what frequency He should move? Thank God for movement. For stirring up the ground around me so that I may bear good fruit. All my current anxiety is a result of the dead things I buried being forced back up.

Thoughts and feelings of failure are normal but they have no place taking root in my heart. My God is greater than my problems. He is stronger than any wall built up against me. He is higher than any mountain standing in my way. God will never take anything from me without replacing it with something better. In fact, it is because of God I have anything at all.

For anyone struggling to adapt when LIFE gets in the way– I challenge you to stay encouraged. Believe you are lifted up with grace. God takes care of His people. Believe in His timing. Make way for His provision.

As long as you breathe there is a personal and exceptional race you are running.
Embrace the uncomfortable change forcing you to let go of control.

Greater is coming.

For you and for me.

© J. Cosby

Originally posted on my blog – JStellarCosby

7 thoughts on “The Cost of Growth.”

  1. This is a very good post! I see that the cost of growth means us changing our views and having faith. A lot of people are afraid of it because they do not know and do not want to lose total control. Seeing you let the change take control will inspire others to do the same and see the results.

    • Thank you for reading!
      Change is one of those necessary evils: messy in the beginning, but glorious in the end.The more we resist it, the longer we delay it’s inevitable beauty.


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