The Game of Life

As we all start growing, we start thinking more about what life exactly is? Who are we? What are we? Everyday that we live, everything that happens to you, does it all mean something?

This is what I think about all the happenings that takes place in one’s life:

“Life is a board game, with us the pawns in it.”

1] You are born/ Game starts

You arrive in this world with zero knowledge about anything. We have no choice over who we individually are. The qualities,appearance, everything that is unique to a person, is are all pre-decided. We have no choice over them.

People may argue that Science has the answer to it, genes.

But did you decide it?

This is similar to when you are playing any board game for the very first time. You suddenly are a part of a game, with no knowledge about how this works? A boardgame with billions of others already a part of it.

2] Growing/First die roll

You start adapting to the surrounds, filling information in your inquisitive brain, discovering what world is, experiencing the journey to a unknown destination.

Trying to deduce the path and reasons behind the things happening in the world, which is an unending process.

You cannot learn about anything completely, the more you read,experiment,discover about any particular thing in this world, you’ll go deeper into it.

Growing is an infinite process.

When you roll the dice for the first time, start playing the game further, you start getting the idea behind the game, what exactly the game is about, what’s the goal and what is to be done next?

More you play, the more you learn.

‘Experience is an unit which can explain how deep and educated someone could be in a field of work.’

3] Luck

Luck matters everywhere in life. Luck can change and affect many things in life, as it does in any board game. The moment you roll a die, you know that the number that will follow, depends on probability and luck.

Similarly, when you do something in real life, luck/probability always plays a part in it.

Say for example, you decide to go a restaurant and buy Biryani. You decide to walk, there is a chance of sudden pain in your legs,[this signifies the problems that you face in life and in the board game],

You go there and order a Chicken Biryani[You roll a die in the game], If luck’s with you, you get the order and you enjoy a delicious meal[A good roll], everything as planned.

What if, he has no Biryani?[a bad roll] The reason may be anything, but the path you thought you chose changed due to something, which you had no control of.

The parameters of luck in the board game depend upon the two dice, but Life is a way more complicated game with parameters beyond our imagination and hence nearly impossible to cheat in it.

Miracles happen when these parameters as a whole are in the favor of a particular outcome.

4] Path

The way of life is fixed, a certain structure is common to all, but the content of the board game is unique for everyone.

This can be compared to a famous board game, “The Game of Life”. There are problems all over the way till the end, you learn something after every forward step you take in the path.

There are ups and downs in everyone’s life/path. The more you experience life, the more knowledge you have about things, the more closer your are to the answer of life, which is maybe at the end of the journey.

5] End

This is the mystery which we discover at the end of our journey, and which no one knows about?

Do we play the game multiple times and forget how to play this everytime we start playing?

Or is it a one-time play?This is something no one can know for sure, until the very end.

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