You started your journey years ago,
And now you have come so far so long,
As it’s the day you stepped in this world,
So the world sings for you a birthday song.
Many voices come and so do the gifts,
But some presents come all year long,
Those presents just don’t wait for a birthday song.
There’s a soldier gifting you freedom,
Standing tall in front of terror problems.
There’s a farmer gifting you food,
Without which not even mighty would have stood.
There’s a teacher gifting you knowledge,
The biggest ever gift which we fail to acknowledge.
There’s a sweeper blessing you with cleanliness,
Though you move away from him with arrogance.
There’s a doctor giving you medicines,
But a nurse making sure you take them all,
Caring for you all day long,
Singing on your birthday a silent birthday song.


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