The Healing Power of Holidays

I’ve been a lover of trips from a very young age. In fact, my parents had me going around the Greek islands since I was a baby, for holidays, in which I thoroughly enjoyed making their lives difficult.

Growing up, I remember all the trips I have taken up to this point, and I constantly daydream about the places I want to visit before I depart from this world. There is nothing more dear to me than the moments I have shared with the people close to me all these years on vacations. Holidays are some of the few moments in life when you can truly express yourself the way you want to.

You don’t mind sleeping all day, you don’t care about being silly, (because everyone around you is having fun too.) You forget about cooking elaborate meals and running to three different stores to get the ingredients. You keep it simple. Minimum clothing, minimum cooking, maximum fun.

Apart from the fun, there’s one more aspect of holidays that is very rejuvenating. That is their healing power. Now if you haven’t had a very tough year, you are probably going to reject this concept, but in my case, these holidays have been more than healing. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and looking at the trees or the sun coming out behind the mountains. Nothing like smelling the fresh herbs and fruit and veggies in the garden or listening to the bees buzzing around you while you ponder over your next moves.

Walking along the beach while the sun sets, your troubles are being washed away by the waves, swayed by the currents, blown away by the wind. Your brain works to delete unnecessary info. It can be really surprising how a location change can actually make you wipe out negative memories and discover solutions to persistent issues. Getting your car, a plane, a horse, whatever works, to move away for a while, changes your perception in a way that helps you examine things objectively.

The more you feel trapped, stagnant, bored, the more it’s time for you to go away. Even if it’s for one day, you’ll be amazed at how fresh and energetic you will be after your little break.

Pushing ourselves more and more, only results in our “batteries” dying out sooner. There is a very thin line between trying and trying too much. Happy people are always more productive and manage to finish tasks in a more efficient way. Holidays help us do exactly that. Replenish our “happiness tank”, so we can go back to work and do the best we can.

The healing process I refer to has to do with coming to terms with all the important life events someone has faced before going on holidays. A very fun part of this is evaluation time. This is something I’ve tried during this trip and would like to share it with you because you might find it helpful.

Firstly, hike for about an hour to the top of a castle (just kidding, but I actually did that.) Then, sit at a café, restaurant, anywhere you fancy and order something you really, really crave. When you feel ready, take out a piece of paper or whatever else you can use and write down what your goals are for your life after these holidays. The next part is to be objective and try to keep notes about your behavior. What is it that you’re doing or not doing that doesn’t help you get the desired outcome and what are you planning to change to achieve your goals? Do it! Even if it feels silly. Don’t mind the lady at the next table staring at you. Who cares anyway?

When you are ready, fold your little piece of paper or turn off your phone and look around you. You will probably experience a moment of true bliss. Now, off you go and dive into your dreams, my friends.

You deserve it. 

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