The House Inside A Home. 

In my experience, I’ve come to understand that we are limitless in our thinking, imagination and creativity – that’s a function of the spiritual being, housed inside a body,  which in God’s freedom to mankind can be just a house or a home where people want to come to, feel welcomed and not judged. 

It is important that we understand that our body has the function of housing and accommodating “the spirit being” which is the breathe of God put inside a body to do exploit. With this understanding, we can function at our peak, maintain the house and in turn make a home for others to feel loved (an extension of God’s love) and a living testimony here on earth – in other words, we are connected to God and as such can be his hands to touch souls, can be his face to give hope, happiness and joy to others, can be his mouthpiece to speak good of and to others, professing his kingship and majesty. 

It is through his words (Bible) that we can lead a good life free from worries and be able to understand situation through numerous examples laid out for us in the Bible. 

As a house, it is my responsibility and yours in every situation to make a home that is forever stretching her hands wide open to accept people of different color, race, sexual orientation and religious backgrounds. We become open minded to evolving times while asking God for his wisdom to stay focus. 
When we (male and female) understand this, we then begin to see why it shouldn’t be only women that should be prepared for marriage and relationships, that men also should be told how to behave and help his partner, knowing fully well that two houses can make a mansion of home to multitude of people we meet in our journey of life. 

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