The law of attraction

There are a few laws which are a bit of confusing and one of them is the law of attraction. In life we sometimes see no way to escape and thus we fall prey to these kinds of law and talks of motivation .Just ask yourself does really listening motivational tapes ,reading motivational books help us to grow and meet success….don’t be surprised the answer is NODr. Lipton’s research proves that positive thinking does not work, because it is done with the conscious mind – which is NOT running our lives.The whole philosophy of positive thinking is untruthful, it is dishonesty. It simply means we see  certain thing and yet deny what we have seen. It actually means deceiving our own self and together we deceive others. All I see is that these motivational talks and books also in reality cheat us , not saying they cheat us but actually we ourselves want to be cheated

To be alive we need to be flexible,our mind needs to be flexible too. The whole world which thinks Law of attraction works seems to be the greatest gamblers. Positive thinking is the only a philosophy that is been feeded to human thought, nothing more then that. Yes sometimes it works but in reality that is just luck . Law of attraction is nothing just as same as  Law of negativity,but slightly modified by us who believe it without understanding. When our mind goes on saying do it ,do it,do it our faith increases and our belief gets stronger and we feel we are stronger even if our heart didn’t want to do our mind convinced us to do wrong act this is Law of negativity. Law of attraction is not a law because it is not scientifically proven and laws are onlt those which science says are laws like Law of gravity is proven.

I am in no authority to say that law of attraction is falsity because I haven’t yet am at the position but all I want to say is that we need to know why are we accepting things as shown without even trying to know what the real thing is. When we don’t know anything about the thing and if we still accept it ,it is nothing just superstition attitude of us. How can simply thinking of a very big house,car,money be mine …..????…Three steps they say in law of attraction…1.ask,2.beleif,3.receive….

The whole thing what I understand is that we need not just ask we need to take action ,without action nothing will work and when we take action actually the probality increases that we will succeed.Even if probality increases there is no surity because there are some things beyond our control and our mind is cunning to show us things otherwise. I don’t know all but mind starts finding reason if we get our mind says see you have done it and thus we put ourselves into this thought that all is law of attraction. Why not just leave it,why not accept that some things are not in our control.We need to accept and start working for it. The first step is ask but what to ask but what to ask..ask what you desire now where fro desire come ,it comes from thoughts .In a day we have 60000 thoughts in a day ,they say base your thought on feelings but is it the perfect way. My friends teased me in college when I didn’t drink and use to say I am not man but I tried not to drink and feelings came in negative ways that they are correct and I look cut off from them but I knew one thing these feelings are temporary ,the more we run after it the more it will make us run. So I tried and do what I felt good thus never got into habit of drinking.

The second point now how to decide what is good and bad …this simply we need to do by asking ourselves is it good for me,is it good for humanity if the feeling  is good I start doing it ,am still on process of learning so all I am sharing is my views here . There is a different connection between love and attraction to be known. We need to do what we reaaly love not go on working what we attract ,we can get attracted to 1000 things but we love only a few. Some things in life we are ready to suffer ,die are things we really love and need to work on it. There are few things I love deep and my feelings deep down says leave them  I know it is good for me,good for many  because this decision is based on love for it.I simply am not staying on feelings now because the decision I made is not just attraction. So whether I get pain or pleasure I will be there. When we base our decisions simply on feelings then we are not working it is someone else who is making us to do the work. See I was very unsuccessful man because I use to make lots of commitment but never stuck on it and use to keep changing it.,but I learned a secret of many successful man,it is that they  make one commitment  leaving aside 10000’s so even if I meet  failure I will continue going this way because I know from heart I love it and it is good for me .

Third thing should my life be based on simply desires and will I get what I want I know for sure if I really deserve it I get so for this I need to go on working and make myself deserving. Now Law of attraction states in reality that -you do not get what you want you get what you are,but for some reason we are here avoiding or not understanding deeply what it is. We are who we belief,it is only we know make us, so we need to keep asking to ourselves who I am.Our focus should we on changing ourselves not people and things around us.We see the world we create in our mind ,because outside us everything is just illusion.Our nature ,real nature is of gratitude and compassion ,so our work should be base on these qualities. So it does not mean we will stay stuck on belief ,live is to keep growing .

Now what is belief, is it simply  will power. No in reality belief is knowledge and experience,the more knowledge we get the more experience we gain and in return  our belief gets strong. Need to remember always we don’t get what we want we get what we are only theory will not work we need  be practical,thus I say only knowing from outside law of attraction will not work.The more we work ,the more we will gain experience our in return our belief becomes stronger.The more strong our belief we will be now strong in mind ,body and thoughts which will build strong character .

So all is that we need to take actions,some simply go on reading hearing law of attraction and things about positive thinking and go on following motivational quotes but please see if we simply sit we are stopping our own growth and in return create a world which is not good for us. We see that many times we have developed thoughts ,we have a desire and we also belief but why still we don’t take action ,this is simply because we have nbo energy.Again energy is based on our feelings our beliefs,once we change our belief the way we are looking at things will change.All before doing any action we should ask ourselves and see if my this what I belief is positive go do it,if my belief says negative stop. The purpose of doing it should be deep ,we need it to be for the good ,good of us and all around us,because all around us is our world and we all are connected by vibes,all are connected with thoughts at certain degree of vibrations.We need our purpose to be clear and this is the goal and this is how our belief becomes positive,the more stronger our belief the greater action we will generate….all we need is positive good true purpose.The purpose sahould be clear and it should be for the good of humanity. Feelings are just manifestation of our belief thus we need to change our believes.

We are what we belief we are.Once we change belief our feelings will be changed,change of feelings our emotions will change,change of emotions our energy will change,change of energy we will change ,once we are changed the world will be changed and once the world is changed everything is changed. Action is out of emotions ,feelings ,belief and thus our action need to be based on purpose not simply on goals. Now law of attraction why it hurts us and why I really wanted to discuss it,the law has three steps….ask,belief,recieve…..So now we have asked means we know that we need to take action(only way),yes we are also believing so second step is clear what and how to belief and steps of understanding the belief system,but receive… there a gurantee ,we get disappointed many of us and yes honestly I got disaapointed and hurt because I didn’t recieve following law of attraction,so I needed to understand it more deeper and I share with you what it is. I did talk about success in my post once.

Now since we may not get what we asked for what we believed in … to see this. I am in love with someone who I stronly and she stongly believes that we are Soul Mates ,but for some reason we cannot be one ,not one on physical grounds as she is in love with someone else how I overcame the little pain it generated in me . Doing is in our hands ,the action I mean and believing in it is also we can do but we may not get what we want,i.e not receive it ,like I won’t so…… I love her because I love doing it ,I feel good ,I feel happy because I love her and will continue doing it .That is how we should be if we really love doing something we need to keep doing it whether we receive or not. 

Accordinlgly there is desire in all of us ,we all do take action,we do belief in our actions but the last thing we really need to know is how to accept ,accept what comes out. There are three ways or say we can have three state of taking ,seeing,feeling our actions . The first is to be means not to be worried of what the outcome will be ..taking action because we love it,simply flow in it ,become the action not the one who does-like the best dancing performance on stage is given by a dancer and when we ask her how could she do it,her answer is always that she forgot about pain and pleasure and result she simply became the dance and thus the best performance came.This is state of LOVE. The seond is look for the outcome but do not be focused on it ,there is goal there are visionary boards but we are doing it with not much focus on the result.A good state but not as good as the first one. And the third one is action however taken focus is outcome and let me tell you the most horrible state is this and you will be shattered,broken inside because I have had experience of this when I failed doing this way,because all action comes from nind due to thoughts and thus there are now only negative thoughts created because focus was on result.

The ultimate goal of human life should be to attain state of peace and this is very important to know .When we are not worried about what comes whether more or less but we can be still we ,this is state of being,this is the place which we all want to be .All our life we are running to get this and that but have we sat with ourselves ,our own inner self and asked why am I running the answer will be you want peace ,you want a state where you really want to feel the Bliss and this is possible once our mind is at peace. So we need to accept what comes with heart full of gratitude ,we need to accept gratefuuly what comes and then only then even in crowds and chaos inside us we will be at peace .Son whether I am successful or not,whether happy or sad ,whether feelings are good or bad I accept I accept it and go on leaving it and this is growth. Accept what comes ,leave it and let again something come accept it and leave it again. Once we are able to do this no one on EARTH can stop us from attainting the state of peace,the state of BLISS-the ultimate goal.

Why people like me fail and get disappointed by law of attraction because I followed it from out without understanding the whole secret how it works,we chase material goods,we chase relationship but see the more we chase and fail the more we bring a condition in life when we are hurt and create misery. All we need to know is these laws are not laws but a way to make life beautiful if we understand the depth or make life hard.





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  1. Well yes it’s true that the Law of Attraction isn’t a definite ‘law’. But maybe it’s a force that exists in the universe whether we believe it in or not. I absolutely respect your opinion, but the first and foremost thing that the Law of Attraction calls out for is belief, if we don’t believe it to be true then that has no chance of being turned into reality. And yes, sometimes such things can be easily termed as luck or coincidence, but I would like to believe that this force still exists in nature. The way it manifests is totally beyond our control.
    Sharing my opinion 🙂 This writing was good.

    • Respected Anjali I only said law of attraction is not law and agree to you it is a force but see who is putting it as a force on us,we ourselves. Ok done that it still somehow forced but I only tried to say that we need to first understand what the real secret behind the law of attraction is,because I personally as many I know may have suffered by this force because we actually didn’t know how to make it work… in standard 2 I was taught law of gravity was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton and it was me like thinking did apple never fall on any other man….(sorry jokes apart) but when I got attracted by law of attraction I never questioned and fell into trap ,thus I only wanted to share it in a way that we must make it work it does not work on it byself.
      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion,taking out your time to read and finding it good.*smiles*

  2. first I am sorry for freplying it after 5 hours after you commented and secondly I am sorry if my post hurt your feelings thirdly I cannot control your thoughts so it is good you let out your feelings… blessed.

  3. I agree: the law of attraction isn’t a real thing. The Secret has always rubbed me the wrong way, probably because it seems gimmicky, a quick fix.

    That said I don’t think the law of attraction = positive thinking. Value has been found in positive psychology and focusing on the positive. This video does a good job explaining positive psychology and how it is different from the law of attraction.

    • Thank you so much….. Positivity, the art of being here and now. A bit of mind setting and nothing is good or bad…. Mindfulness the only way to be in state of happiness and go to the ultimate goal of life, state of Bliss without thinking of it just flowing.

  4. Great post, Pawan.
    I’m one of the believers of the Law of Attraction. Just like I believe in the “placebo effect”
    the mind is very powerful… it is up to us to “tap” into that power.

    I would like to share with you my first post. I hope you check it out…
    and maybe leave some feedback 😉
    This is just the beginning. I have been a goal oriented person but I had so much fear and reservations but after I came back from that trip I have become a “fireball” and I’ve been crossing out my bucket list since.


    <3 BP

  5. I’m not sure about the law of attraction, although I do believe that when you are in a positive mind you will attract more positivity and when you are in a negative mind you will attract negativity.

    There has been a lot of hype surrounding it since “The Secret”.

    I do believe that you are more likely to recover from illness if you are positive about it rather than dwelling on the negative aspects. This has been shown to be true with placebo trials etc.

    Thought provoking post. Thanks.

    • Thank you reading and thank you for the comment…..a great thought you have brought forward……everything is in the mind,by the mind,from the mind,to the mind.


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