The Millenial Menu



foodguideThis is a hard question for the youngsters of this era to answer. The reason why is because as the population grows, every generation seems to think they have the answer to making the world a healthier place to live. However, this theory can’t be entirely correct. One diet choice may be good for John Doe but a different diet choice may be good for Jane Doe. Dieting in this time period isn’t so much like clothes that offer the option of one size fits all. We are talking about food, not clothes or foot wear.

There are major problems to think deep upon before we must count or condemn those calories we take in on a daily basis.

1. Time Management

2. The Kinds of Diets

3. Friendly Food Choices

First I want to discuss with my readers the importance of sitting at the kitchen table versus grabbing a corner booth at your local restaurant. Most people, not just the youngsters fall into this trap that just because they make poor choices in terms of time management, the majority of the population choose the fast food option don’t really think of the long term effects of eating those burgers or snacking on those friesfood choice and maybe even drinking a red bull from time to time.



Most people who allow themselves to fall victim to poor time management think about satisfying the stomach right at the current moment. They don’t often think about their health long term unless a major issue arises, for example, diabetes or a heart attack.

heavyweights-then-nowIn this current generation, there are trends that primarily dictate how people eat. It seems with each new social media platform that exists there is also a new diet of the week to match the personal image trend. I would like to stress an important point here, a new diet isn’t like a new ice cream creation and because it is not, it should in no way be treated like the food flavor of the week. To further hammer home my point on the subject, people should understand that just because the diet plan is featured in a magazine it doesn’t make it valid. No matter who the face of the new trend is….

In this century we have a population who that is more aware of what we all put in our bodies. However, with all the different choices of diet plans. These same people don’t have clear thinking when making a decision based on what is best for their health. Rather than people making healthy decisions, these same people are more confused than ever.

Lastly and most important to take note of. It is essential that we as consumers of food don’t blame the burgers or donuts. The fault is ours. So does that mean we have to choose the Bugs Bunny diet plan of carrots for the rest of our lives? bb Absolutely not. If you do that your skin will turn orange. The answer is moderation. Most of the time we let our eyes dictate what our stomachs eat. Most of us lust after food the way in an unhealthy way. Our thinking is, “If it looks good, smells good, therefore it tastes good.”

menu“Although for a time “your taste buds will agree with your eyes. how quickly that can change when your eyes view the bill from a night out on the town. Does some one have an antacid?” At the end of the day, where is the balance?

To summarize this piece. We are in control of our bodies. It’s our responsibility to look after what we have. The best way we know how. Does that mean, I’m going to suddenly switch from meat to tofu? The answer is no. I like meat on my bones and of course food that sticks to my ribs…. Pizza won’t destroy you, but gluttony will. Pepsi won’t make you sick but overindulgence will.

The Millenial menu needs to change in order to sustain and maintain health from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet.



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