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Famous The Outsiders Quotes

9/11 changed America fundamentally, far more so than outsiders realised at the time. For Americans, it genuinely was a new Pearl Harbour: an attack on the homeland that made them feel vulnerable for the first time in 60 years. — Jonathan Powell

A lot of people know that how I came to become an actor, but not many people know that how hard it was for me in those initial years. Being an outsider, I had no insight about the ways of the craft. — Hina Khan

A lot of the characters I gravitate towards feel like outsiders. — David Harbour

A lot of the main characters in horror movies are outsiders as well, so that outsider syndrome reverberates within horror fans and geeky collectors. It’s kind of a rallying call that brings fans and collectors together who are a little socially retarded, maybe. — Kirk Hammett

A writer is an eternal outsider, his nose pressed against whatever window on the other side of which he sees his material. — John Gregory Dunne

After 2012, I’m pretty much out of the media and entertainment business. But yes, I was the outsider and no, it wasn’t a handicap. To me, it was a blessing in disguise. — Ronnie Screwvala

Always being the outsider, you… feel comfortable everywhere, but you don’t really feel at home anywhere. I definitely draw comedy from that. — Ronny Chieng

Among tech-minded kids, I think Alan Turing was a tremendous inspiration. He was a guy that was so different than the people around him. He was an outsider in his own time, but because he was an outsider is precisely why he was able to accomplish things nobody thought was possible. — Graham Moore

Anybody who’s ever gone through a hard time – any outsider’s perception, no matter how much information they’re given, they have no idea what the person’s life is like. — Amy Grant

Art is always criticized and always an outsider gets the blame. — Ville Valo

As a kid, I grew up on a farm in Florida, and I did what most little kids do. I played a little baseball, did a few other things like that, but I always had the sense of being an outsider, and it wasn’t until I saw pictures in the magazines that a couple other guys skate, I thought, ‘Wow, that’s for me,’ you know? — Rodney Mullen

As a songwriter, pop music really is a love and a joy and a science, and I feel like a lot of people look at pop music with a very formulaic perspective in numbers and patterns, but an outsider would think that the process is very natural. — Halsey

As an artist you actually do have to make a choice to be an outsider. If you’re an outsider you have the freedom to say what people on the inside don’t dare to say. — Connie Nielsen

As an outsider in America, you do see the kind of hypocrisy that’s rampant there. — Ben Mendelsohn

As an outsider to and observer of the restaurant business, one of the things I most admire about it is the risks people are willing to take. — John Lanchester

As an outsider, I have to say that the Premier League is a very attractive league. — Mario Gotze

As for me I may not have relatives in the film industry. But I grew up in Mumbai as an avid moviegoer. So I don’t feel like an outsider. — Siddharth Shukla

At the outset, I want to say that the suggestion that the struggle in South Africa is under the influence of foreigners or communists is wholly incorrect. I have done whatever I did because of my experience in South Africa and my own proudly felt African background, and not because of what any outsider might have said. — Nelson Mandela

Because I have success, it doesn’t mean I’m part of the mainstream. I’m still an outsider. — Matt Drudge

Before vampires were aesthetically appealing, they were physical anomalies and ostracized outsiders whom we banished to the dark, and they didn’t have the appeal that they do now. — Ian Somerhalder

Before, Indian people had been so defeated, they were always looking for outsiders, for the government, to somehow come in and fix things. But now, they seem to realize that they’re the only ones who can save themselves. — James Welch

Being a white southern African who saw the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, the sense of being an outsider was absolutely instilled in my limbic system. — Alexandra Fuller

Being American and being an outsider at the same time, it’s a perspective I often bring to a character. — Aasif Mandvi

Being an outsider means not being heard, not having a voice. It means being treated as a second-class citizen, being diminished in the eyes of others. We have all felt this way at one time or another, but some feel it more consistently. Unfortunately, our schools often do not embrace the talents of many of their occupants. — Chris Crutcher

Being closed to outsiders made the iPhone reliable and predictable. — Jonathan Zittrain

China was the first time I truly felt like an outsider. I fell in love with the process of trying to become intimate with the culture. — Abigail Washburn

Comedy is a reaction to the world, and I think it really helps to be an outsider. I’ve always been very interested in people’s behavior, to the point of being obsessed – seeing what people needed and reading them, I think that’s the backbone of comedy. — Adriana Trigiani

Definitely, as an Indian, I’m seen as an outsider, and definitely, the jeers come from that. But I enjoy it; I even encourage it. Whatever noise they make when I’m in the ring, it motivates me, drives me to do better. — Jinder Mahal

Despite outsiders being invited to write software, the iPhone thus remains tightly tethered to its vendor – the way that the Kindle is controlled by Amazon. — Jonathan Zittrain

Doing your job requires different modes, and you can’t just be stuck in one mode where you’re always the shrill outsider screaming at everybody. — Joaquin Castro

During my childhood in Cyprus, the British talked about the Cypriots as if the Cypriots were outsiders in their own country. And even though I was born in Cyprus, my parents were American, and so I was an outsider in the land of my birth. — Angela Bowie

Early on, I got some criticism from other gay writers and queer theorists for being too ‘assimilationist,’ probably because my characters are outsiders, even in the gay world. — Stephen McCauley

Even the most self-confident people, at one point of their lives, felt like outsiders or felt like they weren’t being heard or seen or witnessed in some way. — Steve Carell

Even though China was a very closed country, they thought of themselves as the center of the world. It is an ethnic characteristic. After I went to Japan, I had a totally different view. The Japanese are always talking about what the Western world is doing. There is the anxious feeling of an outsider. — Cai Guo-Qiang

Every time you come across someone who looks like an outsider, the best way to go about it is to open your mind a little bit. You have to try to understand somebody who isn’t like you. — Eline Powell

Everybody tries to be exactly the same. I think being an outsider is a good thing. — Ethan Embry

Facebook allows outsiders to add functionality to the site but reserves the right to change that policy at any time, to charge a fee for applications, or to de-emphasize or eliminate apps that court controversy or that they simply don’t like. — Jonathan Zittrain

For a variety of reasons, I have always felt myself an outsider. I don’t know how to classify myself in economics. I am a loner. I do not like groupthink, which, if anything, has become more important in economics. In addition, a lot of the values I hold are not the mainstream values in the profession. — James Heckman

For queer people, the personal is very political, just to talk about it in a public space. It’s very political just to come out and take up that space and be like, ‘This is my narrative. It’s not an outsider narrative, and it’s not a fetish narrative; it’s just my story, and it’s worth being told and listened to.’ — Ben Hopkins

For the better part of two centuries, outsiders have been offering explanations that range from racist to learned-sounding – the supposed inferiority of blacks, the heritage of slavery, overpopulation – for why Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. — Adam Hochschild

For too long, America tolerated a ‘democratic exception’ in the Muslim Middle East. As long as governments were friendly and backed regional stability, there was no need for outsiders to encourage representative government. — Richard N. Haass

From the time I was little, I always felt like an outsider. I always felt nervous and uncomfortable with myself. — Lauren Tom

Given the importance of Washington, outsiders probably have an unrealistic perspective on how large the city is. The fact is, Washington D.C. is a small town, and most everyone knows most everyone else. That person of the other party who you despise will someday be at your daughter’s birthday party. — Kevin Hassett

Good scripts are difficult to come by in the industry, especially if you are an outsider. — Amyra Dastur

Great Canadian comics are often outsiders and insiders at the same time. That’s a great perspective for a comedian. — David Steinberg

Harry Potter to me is a bore. His talent arrives as a gift; he’s chosen. Who can identify with that? But Hermione – she’s working harder than anyone, she’s half outsider, right? Half Muggle. She shouldn’t be there at all. It’s so unfair that Harry’s the star of the books, given how hard she worked to get her powers. — Ira Glass

Heart is what drives us and determines our fate. That is what I need for my characters in my books: a passionate heart. I need mavericks, dissidents, adventurers, outsiders and rebels, who ask questions, bend the rules and take risks. — Isabel Allende

Hillary had never run for office before, but she decided to give it a try. She began her campaign the way she always does new things, by listening and and learning. And after a tough battle, New York elected her to the seat once held by another outsider, Robert Kennedy. — William J. Clinton

I allegedly am an outsider writer, so I write from the perspective of somebody who doesn’t completely fit in. But at the same time, I can state the fact that I don’t know of any good writer who is not an outsider writer. — Rabih Alameddine

I always feel like an outsider. I’ll always feel like the nerd at the party. — Christopher McQuarrie

I always felt like an outsider of the industry, and now I feel quite comfortable as an independent artist. — Kate Nash

I always felt like I was kind of an outsider because I didn’t have the right things. I didn’t have a Cadillac. I didn’t have, you know, plastic on my furniture. That was the right way to be if you were Italian. — Leah Remini

I always felt like something of an outsider. But I identified with people up on the screen. That made me feel like I wanted to be up on the screen too. I felt like eventually I would get there. — Luke Perry

I always felt like the ‘outsider’ kind of kid. — Tom King

I always had this crisis: where do I come from? I was never an insider, never an outsider; I was always in the middle. But it means I never have borders in my head. — Yasmine Hamdan

I always tend to write about outsiders. And what’s been fun for me is, as I travel around and visit schools, is that other kids that feel the same way relate to some of my characters, and so I hope in some way that’s helping them when they want to read about somebody that they can relate to. — Kimberly Willis Holt

I always think that the exceptional people are those who remain outsiders but still communicate on a grand scale. I think I want everyone to feel more free, and so I feel really claustrophobic on behalf of lots of people. — Bat for Lashes

I am an outsider looking in, absolutely. You’re not going to see me at the Academy Awards ‘Vanity Fair’ party any time soon. I’m not somebody who, no matter where I go, there are paparazzi or any of that nonsense. But I have a little window into that world, and I can enter it and dance around. I want to be the audience’s ticket into the party. — Kathy Griffin

I am an outsider. I was never offered the kind of roles where I could play the glamorous diva, because there are already so many of them doing it – and doing it well. So I had to bring to the table much more than just looking good. — Taapsee Pannu

I am not looking to be understood or liked. Like me or not, I don’t care. I am an outsider, that is the way I was brought up. — Jimmy Connors

I am not Padma Shri Manoj Bajpayee. I am Manoj Bajpayee, an outsider who saw dreams and stayed on the fringes of Mumbai and worked day and night to get work. — Manoj Bajpayee

I am probably an outsider because I challenge conventional narratives about who should have a seat at the table. — Ayanna Pressley

I can remember getting rejected systematically by casting directors as a young kid. I felt like the biggest outsider there ever was; that I’d never belong in that club. — Leonardo DiCaprio

I can’t go back and label myself as an outcast because I was a pretty well-adjusted kid, but I can certainly relate to the feeling of being an outsider. — Lasse Hallstrom

I didn’t realize it at first, but the Doctor is in the same spirit as those natural ‘outsider’ characters ‘Star Trek’ series have, like Spock and Data. — Robert Picardo

I do have an outsider’s complex of getting made fun of. I was made fun of as a kid, and I don’t have the stomach for it. — Natasha Lyonne

I don’t feel the pressure by outsiders. I’m not someone who’s easily influenced by the public. — Khloe Kardashian

I don’t have any authority to talk about the domestic policies of America. But as an outsider, I am mystified by the fact that you are encouraged to buy a gun, but if you use it for the purpose that it is expressly designed for, you get the death penalty. That aspect of America is kind of mystifying. — Nick Cave

I don’t know if I was so much of an outsider until after I started doing films. That put me on the outside. I grew up in Texas, and I wasn’t the child of industry parents, and I didn’t have a lot of friends in the industry or anything like that. — Henry Thomas

I don’t know if it’s because my father’s from Argentina, that I’m the son of an immigrant, I don’t know if its because I’m Jewish, but I have always been mindful that the best insights occur when you have some kind of an outsider perspective. — Mark Leibovich

I feel like I am the outsider on the inside, if that makes sense. But I have coped with it. — Kane Brown

I feel like I can be myself in L.A. I feel like Mississippi is a little close-minded; not all of Mississippi is, but just the part that I came from. They really don’t get outsiders. — Israel Broussard

I feel like my life experience is that of an outsider. Let me explain: my parents are from Panama, and they moved to the United States the year after I was born. They moved into an all-white neighborhood, where the previous black family had a cross burned on their lawn. — J. August Richards

I feel like theater in high school seems to be sort of like the safe haven for the outsiders and people who don’t necessarily fit in. And it was a come-as-you-are sort of class, and it’s a come-as-you-are after-school activity. — Natasha Rothwell

I feel many responsibilities – to our customers, to our employees, to the environment, to the world at large. But I don’t want to feel responsible to investors, to outsiders with financial concerns that may differ from those of the welfare of IKEA. — Ingvar Kamprad

I felt like an outsider, so listening to a bunch of outsiders’ music like Bjork and Patti Smith made me feel better. But at the same time, I didn’t have anyone singing specifically 100% about things I could relate to. — Perfume Genius

I felt like an outsider. The only time you get to really know guys is on the ice, and I couldn’t be there. — Saku Koivu

I felt like hip-hop was my music, it was like my outsider music… but then my mom started answering our phone, ‘Yo, what’s up.’ She was hearing me talk to my friends. I was like, ‘No, mom, don’t cop the hip-hop talk.’ — Jenny Lewis

I felt like I was an outsider growing up in the black church, as a gay man, in a poor community. — Roger Ross Williams

I find the sort of unwitting European American outsider who wants to come to Africa to help is a very problematic construction. It’s problematic because you don’t want to tell people don’t aid, don’t help, when people feel a need to. — Uzodinma Iweala

I found it very easy to transform into creeps and weirdos and losers and goof-balls, and I’m happy to play eccentric kinds of characters, and I have a great affinity for the outsider, but I definitely am about expanding my range as well. — Rainn Wilson

I grew up in a small town in a low-income family and was the only black kid in my elementary school. I felt like an outsider, and since I didn’t know of LGBT people – much less LGBT black women – living happy, healthy, and successful lives, I didn’t believe I could ever marry or have a child. — Lori Lightfoot

I grew up in the Fifties, and the majority of people in my class had fathers living at home. I was very aware that I was in the minority. I had a foreign name, and my daddy didn’t come and pick me up from school. I felt like an outsider, which probably helped me as an actress. — Cherie Lunghi

I guess they often cast me as the bad guy, because I’m not, er, conventional looking. I look sort of violent. I’m the odd one out, the outsider. — Willem Dafoe

I have always been a left-winger and an outsider. I loved being that. I was perfectly cheerful with that role. Then suddenly, you’re one of the talking heads on ‘Nightline,’ and you think you must have sold out. — Molly Ivins

I have an interest in the outsider. — Celeste Ng

I have been an outsider in journalism and in the academy, because I never fully belonged to any of them. — Garry Wills

I like being an outsider. It is better in France on the outside. — Xavier Niel

I like the brand Band of Outsiders. Their suits are cut really slim, for smaller framed gentlemen. — Aziz Ansari

I like the condition of being an outsider, just passing through. — Barry Unsworth

I like the idea of being caught between things, always being a bit of an outsider, having an outside eye on things – almost like a Shakespearean fool. — Riz Ahmed

I literally felt like a freak, which is another aspect of the role of Sally that I relate to: total outsider. — Kristen Johnston

I lived in the Republic of Ireland. I wrote a book about the North but as an outsider. The hatreds there were not mine. I never felt them. I liked how open in most ways Catalan nationalism was, compared to Irish nationalism. I disliked the violence and cruelty in Ireland. — Colm Toibin

I love interesting people with eccentric stories and outsiders of the world. — Paloma Faith

I loved every minute of my childhood – sunbathing on the fire escape, digging for buried treasure in the back yard, pulling alewives out of the sand… Then it was all taken away from me. I came back every summer to visit my father until I was 18, but I was always the outsider. — Jennifer Egan

I must try and break through the cliches about Latin America. Superpowers and other outsiders have fought over us for centuries in ways that have nothing to do with our problems. In reality we are all alone. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I never felt like an outsider in the industry. — Nora Fatehi

I often feel like an outsider wherever I go, so I’m always attracted to stories about identity and the meaning of home. — Chloe Zhao

I play outsiders. That’s just the way it’s gone for me, and I think that’s fantastic. I like it because I’ve always been interested in how the other guy thinks. I want to know what’s going on in his head. — Silas Weir Mitchell

I read a lot of fantasy as a kid. I read ‘The Hobbit’ and all of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ books, but I also read a lot of realism like ‘The Outsiders.’ — Lisa Papademetriou

I relate to most of the characters I play, because I do feel like an outsider. — Jon Heder

I sadly never got to my prom. I was shooting ‘The Outsiders.’ — Rob Lowe

I said that when I looked at photographs of the firefighters who went into the Twin Towers, their faces looked to me like Irish faces. I hadn’t yet learnt how careful outsiders have to be when talking about race in America, and I’d put my foot in it. Someone stood up and said aggressively, ‘What do you mean by Irish faces?’ — Colm Toibin

I saw a martyr in the Wolf Man, who is the very moving essence of outsiderness, with which I identified fully. — Guillermo del Toro

I started as kind of an outsider – freelancer working from home, building contacts from the ground up etc. – so I didn’t have too many relationships holding me back. — Rachel Sklar

I suppose the book I really remember loving as a child was one called ‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton, about a gang of kids from the wrong side of the tracks in Sixties Oklahoma. I grew up in the Eighties in Nottinghamshire, but this tale of troubled, but essentially good, kids – or ‘greasers’ – was something I completely connected with. — Matt Haig

I think a good comedian was probably bullied a little bit. Probably felt doughy and oblong and rhombus-shaped and strange and a little bit of an outsider, and then learned the healing qualities of comedy. — Pete Holmes

I think a lot of actors feel like outsiders or miscreants. This profession provides an opportunity to play out all the different parts of ourselves. — Ruth Negga

I think a lot of people in their lives feel like they don’t fit in, even if it looks like they do. People feel like outsiders even if others think we, the lives we live, have everything. If they are popular or they have everything they are supposed to have. Even then, people still don’t feel quite included. — Shirley Manson

I think everyone in high school at one point feels like they’re on the outside observing what’s going on. Even if you’re very popular, you have an outsider experience. — Alden Ehrenreich

I think fractures in your childhood make you observe the world more as an outsider. Possibly it pushes you outside. — Pam Ferris

I think I became an entrepreneur because I have my way of doing business… to do that, you have to have your own company. But if you have your own company, you’re an outsider in the Japanese business world. It’s difficult. But that’s life. — Masayoshi Son

I think if I was Trinidadian, I would latch more on to the myths and romanticise the place more. I don’t think it’s my place to do that – they’re not really mine. I’m an outsider. — Peter Doig

I think living in the U.S. it has given me an outsider’s perspective on South Africa, and something that makes South Africans shine is our warm heartedness, and how we welcome and accept everyone, we are truly a nation of community, who embraces diversity. — Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

I think that part of being a good journalist, part of being an awake member of the world you’re in, is to view yourself as an outsider, and I always have, to some degree. — Mark Leibovich

I think that ‘The Outsiders’ was meant to be written, and I was just picked to write it. — S. E. Hinton

I think that writers are, at best, outsiders to the society they inhabit. They have a kind of detachment, or try to have. — John Irving

I think that, in terms of mainstream storytelling, the rebel gets off way too easy. We’re way too hard on the insiders and way too soft on the outsiders. — Whit Stillman

I think the debate around nepotism is futile because I am an outsider and I know that there is no compensation of talent. — Badshah

I think the thrust of any child is to try to fit in and be part of it. And I can’t tell you how many times my humor, you know, what I thought was humor ended up making me the outsider. Like I’d be, I go, ‘It’s a joke.’ And they’d go, ‘Well, what was funny?’ And they just thought I was insane. — Howie Mandel

I think when you’re a tall girl, you feel a little bit like an outcast. You have to go to the back of the photo. You’re taller than all the boys. I know I felt more like an outsider. And then as I got older, I just got used to it. I got like, ‘I don’t date under 6 feet.’ That’s my policy. — Jessica Williams

I think, as a kid, turning on the television and seeing that everyone seemed to be wealthy and white made me feel like an outsider, lesser than. I was not wealthy. I was not white. — Jacqueline Woodson

I think, at the end of the day, I have an outsider’s heart. — Tift Merritt

I think, to many people in the company, I am somewhat of an outsider. — John L. Flannery

I ultimately do still feel like an outsider, and I do feel, actually, I’m more in the world of music because of how much I participate with musicians – in all aspects, not just clothes. — Jeremy Scott

I want to be like Tom Cruise from ‘The Outsiders’ and go on and do amazing movies for a long time. — Ashton Kutcher

I want to say to younger women especially that it’s OK to be an outsider. It’s OK to admit to your rage. You’re not the only person walking down the street feeling angry inside. — Viv Albertine

I wanted to make a movie that celebrates the outsider, the one who is different, the one who is not normal – and show how important that is. — Morten Tyldum

I wanted to show life and to see ourselves and our behaviour through an outsider’s eye… from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about being a human being… He doesn’t have the feelings that the rest of us do. — Jeff Lindsay

I was a heathen Jewess with no bat mitzvah. Only the neurosis, the brown hair, and the self-deprecating humor. But being one of the only Jewish kids in my WASPy hometown definitely informed my perspective on the humor of being an outsider. — Susanna Fogel

I was a supporting character in other people’s lives, which seemed right and familiar to me. I was also an outsider: English in the U.S., American in England, dogged yet comforted by that familiar feeling of alien-ness, which occupied that space where my sense of self should have been. — Allegra Huston

I was a ‘young adult’ when I wrote ‘The Outsiders,’ although it was not a genre at the time. It’s an interesting time of life to write about, when your ideals get slammed up against reality, and you must compromise. — S. E. Hinton

I was always in new schools and had British parents, which was not the norm, and I think there was also… I’m not particularly religious, but I was born Jewish, and I always felt like the outsider because I wasn’t Christian or Catholic. — Paul Rudd

I was born abroad, but my parents were both English. Still, those few years of separation, and then coming back to England as an outsider, did give me an ability to see the country in a slightly detached way. I suppose I was made aware of what Englishness actually is because I only became immersed in it later in life. — Rachel Cusk

I was in ‘The Outsiders,’ which was a good launching pad for me, but ‘The Karate Kid’ sent me into a different stratosphere. — Ralph Macchio

I was not a punk rocker, absolutely not, but I certainly knew quite a lot of them, and I definitely went to the Mab – it was raw, interesting intense scene, so I was very drawn to it, but I was a total outsider. — Jennifer Egan

I was one of I think three white girls in my school. So, I was very much an outsider. And plus I was Jewish and all of my friends were black and Baptist because they listen to the coolest music. We were all listening to Ray Charles and what was then called race music. — Janis Ian

I was quite the quiet teenager. I was a bit of a loner, a little bit of an outsider. — Mika

I was the only outsider to visit the Abbottabad compound where bin Laden lived before the Pakistani military demolished it. — Peter Bergen

I was the punk outsider who nobody messed with. I was fearless. At 16, I graduated and moved out. — Angelina Jolie

I went to public school for like, one day. I don’t get it. Everybody tries to be exactly the same. I think being an outsider is a good thing. — Ethan Embry

I will always make films that champion outsiders, because I still feel like one, even though I’m now governor of the documentary branch of the Academy. — Roger Ross Williams

I will carry with me always the deep sense of what it feels like to be an outsider and how tough it was, how hard it was to adapt to this country. — Elaine Chao

I would say that although my music may be or may have been part of the cultural background fabric of the gay community, I consider myself an outsider who belongs everywhere and nowhere… Being a human being is what truly counts. That’s where you’ll find me. — Annie Lennox

I’d hope to reach any kid who feels apart from the group – those who seem to be outsiders, who feel different. Kids who want to reach their parents often don’t know how to do so. — Ellen Muth

If a prince marries a foreign princess, one to the manner born, he is being snobbish and old-fashioned. If he chooses a Diana or a Fergie, glamorous outsiders, they may never adapt to the restrictions of being Royal, with calamitous results. — Michael Portillo

If outsider perspectives made ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Dark Knight’ into fantastic franchises, imagine what would happen if you brought in the perspectives of women and people of color. — Annalee Newitz

If you’re too much in control, you feel too secure in your shoes, and where’s the emotion to keep going in life? To keep that spark going, you have to feel like an outsider. — Mariacarla Boscono

I’m a catalyst for change. You can’t be an outsider and be successful over 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place. — Rupert Murdoch

I’m definitely drawn to stories about outsiders. Feeling like that myself as a gay black man, I often seek to give a voice to those in the world who don’t have one. — Roger Ross Williams

I’m Egyptian and Muslim, but I grew up in the West, far from my Arab roots. I began ‘Sex and the Citadel’ to help outsiders – like myself – to better comprehend this pivotal part of the world, up-close and personal. — Shereen El Feki

I’m just trying to have fun, and maybe the way I hold myself kind of freaks people out. I don’t feel like an outsider, and I think my friends feel the same way I do. Now that we’re playing to larger audiences, maybe we’re weird to some people. But I’m trying to express what I am. — Mac DeMarco

I’m not a media darling. I’m forever the outsider, for whatever the reason is. — Russell Peters

I’m not an American but I have always had the outsiders’ respect for the American people and the American way. — Christiane Amanpour

I’m one of these guys who always feel like the outsider, you know? I’m always longing to be part of something, you know? — John Rzeznik

I’m still an outsider in the hip hop community. I don’t even know if I’m making hip hop anymore. — Yung Lean

In 2006, I appeared before a House subcommittee considering real estate reform. It was like visiting the capital for the ‘Hunger Games’ as an outsider in a glamorous and byzantine fairy tale: I couldn’t believe how beautiful all the congressional aides were, and I never understood the system of bells and alarms warning legislators to vote. — Glenn Kelman

In a certain sense, a writer is an exile, an outsider, always reporting on things, and it is part of his life to keep on the move. Travel is natural. — James Salter

In Europe, I am an outsider. I don’t really understand anything that I am seeing. I can be welcomed into people’s homes, I can be met with suspicion, I can be taken somewhere else altogether. There is always wonderment there for me, even if the person I am photographing may not see it or be aware of it. — Jim Goldberg

In Geneva, I was seen as an outsider. In the U.S., I was considered Eurotrash. And in London, I’m seen as an American. — Danny Rimer

In some ways, my most comfortable feeling has been that of being an outsider coming in, but over the years I’ve tired of that and I’m ready to feel at home. That’s what music gives me: a feeling of absolute home. — Abigail Washburn

In the 1970s, ‘The Boys on the Bus’ exposed how a clubby pack of male political reporters ruled the road to the White House and shaped the news. Four decades later, an outsider gal from Alaska has commandeered the 2012 media bus – and left Beltway journalism insiders eating her dust. — Michelle Malkin

In the fashion world, I was always an outsider, but I made people look good, so I had a career. — David LaChapelle

Initially, it was about kids at the bottom rung of the social ladder, due to their looks and their class background. But they’re also outsiders in terms of their peer group. — Jim McKay

It definitely sharpened my interest in language, the way people used language, slang words, speech patterns. There’s a big advantage to being the outsider. — Amy Heckerling

It is ironic that the United States should have been founded by intellectuals, for throughout most of our political history, the intellectual has been for the most part either an outsider, a servant or a scapegoat. — Richard Hofstadter

It is not new or unusual for the real Americans, meaning those immigrants who came to America a little bit longer ago, to fear the outsiders, the pretenders, the newcomers. — Luis Gutierrez

It is okay to be an outsider, a recent arrival, new on the scene – and not just okay, but something to be thankful for… Because being an insider can so easily mean collapsing the horizons, can so easily mean accepting the presumptions of your province. — Tan Le

It kind of feels cool to be the outsider. — Kane Brown

It was easy to believe, between lessons on Shakespeare and Dickens and Austen, that all of the great stories had already been written by dead Europeans. But every time I saw ‘The Outsiders’, I knew better. It was the first time I’d realized that real people write books. — Ally Carter

It’s interesting to be at once an insider and outsider. It’s a way of learning how to find your way freely without the need of conforming or belonging. — Yasmine Hamdan

It’s like you always have to put on a happy face, be the phony baloney, and I’m so not that. I never was that; I’ll never be that. That is part of the business that I don’t like. Maybe that will always keep me an outsider, I don’t know. But that’s fine. — Chloe Sevigny

It’s not like I didn’t do anything for 10 years and chose a new profession. I’ve been on the ice a lot. I’m not an outsider. — Katarina Witt

I’ve always – and not always happily – considered myself an outsider. Certainly at Fettes. And then the Scots are always outsiders in England. They are always putting you in your place in one way or another, and there is this pretty rigid class hierarchy. — Angus Deaton

I’ve always been a bit of an outsider… I just pop up, kind of. I have a life. I have children – I have three children – and I love the craft of acting; I’m dedicated to that… that’s always meant more to me than just hanging out… I’ve always been kind of a weirdo in that respect, but if the role is good, I’m going to do it. — Ally Walker

I’ve always been an outsider everywhere I go – I don’t fit in with the Swedish rap community or the American rap community. But who cares? — Yung Lean

I’ve always been an outsider. I think, being in the White House press corps, it’s difficult to do the sort of journalism that I would want to do. — Katy Tur

I’ve always been an outsider. When I did magic, I was the only kid. When I worked with Johnny Cash, I was completely out of place in Nashville. And when I started Def Jam, I was the only white guy in the hip-hop world. — Rick Rubin

I’ve always been interested in the outsider. — Charles de Lint

I’ve always been interested in writing from the perspective of an outsider. — Isaac Marion

I’ve always been the outsider. I’ve always been regarded as some extraordinarily dangerous figure. I’m none of those things! I’m just a middle-class boy from Kent who likes cricket and who happened to have a strong view about a supernational government from Brussels. — Nigel Farage

I’ve always felt a bit of an outsider. It used to worry me that, in terms of TV, I did not look like ‘the girlfriend’ or ‘the daughter’. That pushed me to write my own stuff, as I thought no one else was going to write me a lead in the sitcom. — Miranda Hart

I’ve always felt like an outsider, whether in school or when I’m working or within the industry or just in society at large. — Andrew Haigh

I’ve always felt that I was a bit of an outsider to the British children’s-book illustration scene, because I don’t work in line and wash. — Anthony Browne

I’ve always straddled a weird line – there’s a lot of mainstream stuff that I love. At the same, I still feel like an outsider. I’m the outsider who’s on the inside. — Zooey Deschanel

I’ve been quite lucky in that the roles that I’ve been able to play are all kind of outsiders. And, you know, I belong to so many places and belong to none of them at the same time, so there’s this sense of displacement – I very much understand what it is to not fit in or belong somewhere. — Anya Taylor-Joy

I’ve moved around so much my whole life, and I’ve gotten so used to being the Other in situations – the foreigner, the outsider. The first time I’ve ever felt like there was no separation between me and the other elements was in music. — Abigail Washburn

Kennedy was like a rock star. Carter was the earnest outsider at the height of Washington cynicism. Clinton was a bad boy who proposed his ‘third way’ of Democratic politics, and Obama brought hope and change to a country that so desperately needed it. — Fabrizio Moreira

Like many authors, I caught the writing bug during my teenage years. I don’t remember the exact day or year, but I remember that reading S.E. Hinton’s ‘The Outsiders’ sparked my interest in writing. — Ally Carter

‘Mahadev’ got me most recognition. But I have to say that post ‘Kyunki’… I was offered everything under the sun. Being an outsider, who didn’t have to work too hard, I was overwhelmed. — Mouni Roy

Mainstream American society finds it easiest to be tolerant when the outsider chooses to minimize the differences that separate him from the majority. The country club opens its doors to Jews. The university welcomes African-Americans. Heterosexuals extend the privilege of marriage to the gay community. — Malcolm Gladwell

Maybe there’s something about the outsiderness of being Jewish that makes for a fiery feminist type. — Hanna Rosin

Most of the people who write pop music were outsiders at some time in their life. — Mika

Mr. Trump would need someone to help govern in Washington, D.C. When a complete outsider is picked to lead the ticket, it makes sense to have someone with government experience on it. — Corey Lewandowski

My biggest inspiration is black America and what they’ve done in the arts. I have always felt like an outsider in America, and what black Americans have done to add their chapter to this book called the American dream, and to be so unapologetic and true, and have added so much to art and culture in the world. — Hasan Minhaj

My characteristics as a scientist stem from a non-conformist upbringing, a sense of being something of an outsider, and looking for different perceptions in everything from novels, to art to experimental results. I like complexity and am delighted by the unexpected. Ideas interest me. — Peter C. Doherty

My father was in the service. His job was to integrate the Armed Forces overseas. So that meant we showed up at military bases in Okinawa or Germany, racially unannounced. That made me, in that particular society if you will, the outsider. — Joe Morton

My first gig was ‘The Outsiders.’ I was 14 there. And probably one of the more jading experiences in my whole life. — Jay R. Ferguson

My identity, I felt, was so distinct. I felt very much like an outsider. My family didn’t have the same rituals that everyone else seemed to have. — Priscilla Chan

My movies are always about the kooks and the outsiders. — Bobcat Goldthwait

My mum and dad were speaking all the time about, ‘In Sudan we do this,’ and ‘In Egypt we do that,’ so I was very aware of cultural differences. I was confused growing up; it gave me a feeling of being an outsider watching others. But I think this is good for a writer. — Leila Aboulela

My natural state is an outsider, and no matter what group I’m in or where I am, I’ve always felt like I’m outside the group, and I’ve always been analyzing the group. — Michael Burry

My privileged upbringing and education and linguistic fluency gave me such proximity to whiteness that it stung all the more to still find myself outside of it. My mother, on the other hand, not only accepted that she would always be an outsider in this country but also believed it to be a finer fate and home than any other she could have had. — Jenny Zhang

Neither situations nor people can be altered by the interference of an outsider. If they are to be altered, that alteration must come from within. — Phyllis Bottome

Nepotism and outsiders are two sides of the same coin that is Bollywood. They both have to co-exist. Both have their share of struggles. — Taapsee Pannu

New York is about as cosmopolitan as it gets. It’s a fairly mixed and woke town, so there weren’t a lot of situations growing up where I felt like the outsider or the alien. — Jordan Peele

No disrespect to any other god, but Shiva’s an outsider god. He breaks the rules. He’s a brilliant musician, a brilliant dancer; he treats his wife as an equal, and she opposes him many times, but he obsessively loves her. — Amish Tripathi

No matter what you eventually become – free, empowered – the lingering feeling of ‘once an outsider, always an outsider’ is very vivid for me. — Christine and the Queens

On ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ those kids were supposed to be outsider kids – you know, wrong-side-of-the-track kids, weirdo kids. And I just felt like there’s no universe out there where Katie Holmes isn’t the prom queen, hottest girl in school. — Rob Thomas

One of the saddest things I’ve seen in Amazonian cultures is people who were self-sufficient and happy that now think of themselves as poor and become dissatisfied with their lives. What worries me is outsiders trying to impose their values and materialism on the Piraha. — Daniel Everett

One of the things I figured out was that I was having good gigs when I wore jumpers. It was because I looked more like an outsider, so they expected me to talk about weird stuff rather than normal stuff. — James Acaster

One of the things that Ang brings to all of his projects is his deep sense of being a double exile, an outsider’s outsider. — Larry McMurtry

One thing you learn about doing nonfiction is that you’ve got to get it right, fact-check, do your research. You’ve got to not only get the facts right but represent the subject to the world in a way that insiders feel like it’s an access port and outsiders can access it. If you’re too insider, you block access to anyone else. — Max Joseph

Our family were outsiders, and I’ve always had a sense of the outsider, the underdog, and a strong sense of justice towards people who are excluded. — Andy Serkis

Outsiders tend to be the first to recognize the inadequacies of our social institutions. But, precisely because they are outsiders, they are usually in a poor position to fix them. — Atul Gawande

‘Outsiders,’ I guess, is sort of dark, but I don’t really think of it as dark. The world up there on that mountain, it had the potential to have a lot of fun as well as a lot of drama, these guys raiding the town in their ATVs with their tattoos. It seemed like something different. — David Morse

Part of me always felt like the other, the outsider, the observer. My father had two sons with his second wife, who I didn’t meet until my late 20s. I was always on the periphery. In Madrid, I was the only Turk in a very international school, so I had to start thinking about identity. All these things affected me. — Elif Safak

People favouring their relatives more than an outsider is what the biggest fight in democracy is, let it be in film industry or politics. — Ram Gopal Varma

People love to talk about the things that are important to them, but oftentimes as a journalist, if you’re entering a world that’s pretty esoteric and difficult to penetrate and has many barriers to outsiders, then the people inside that world just don’t have the same language as you do. — Lawrence Wright

Pretty much everywhere I go, I’m pretty much thinking I’m going to be bounced. I am still the outsider who snuck into the party. I identify with the regular person, because that is who I am. — Kathy Griffin

Rasputin’s daughter understands the revolution. She would have been an outsider, a spectator in the royal family and to the revolution. — Kathryn Harrison

‘Sex and the City’ is about outsiders. Single girls as lepers, should have been married by now. It’s the reason the whole thing took off. — Michael Patrick King

Since most of ‘Mean Girls’ consists of the outsider Cady observing the tribal rites of her new setting and laying it all out in narration, this movie is just like home for the meticulous and ruthless deadpan that Ms. Fey has perfected for the satirical ‘S.N.L.’ newscast in which she and Jimmy Fallon are the anchors. — Elvis Mitchell

Skaters, I think they tend to be outsiders who seek a sense of belonging, but belonging on their own terms, and real respect is given by how much we take what other guys do, these basic tricks, 360 flips, we take that, we make it our own, and then we contribute back to the community the inner way that edifies the community itself. — Rodney Mullen

Socially I never was an outsider. I have never thought of the conflict element before frankly, but perhaps it was wanting to belong, and at the same time wanting to retain one’s own personality. — Carlisle Floyd

Southern Appalachians have been ridiculed since the country began. In fiction, they’re usually depicted in a cartoonish manner. The region is poor, and very suspicious of outsiders, so there’s a sort of ‘us versus them’ situation. They’re easy to poke fun at. — Barbara Kingsolver

Strategic thinkers were naturally rattled to find this outsider fooling around with their work. They had been thinking strategically when Reagan was just another movie actor playing opposite a chimpanzee, for heaven’s sake. They think Reagan is too naive, too innocent, to grasp the intellectual complexities of cold war strategy. — Russell Baker

Stuart Hall was an utterly unique figure. Although he arrived at the age of 19 from Jamaica and spent the rest of his life here, he never felt at home in Britain. This juxtaposition was a crucial source of his strength and originality. Because of his colour and origin, he saw the country differently – not as a native, but as an outsider. — Martin Jacques

Surprisingly few outsiders know about the Cuckmere Valley, and it is not uncommon for people to confuse Alfriston with Alfreton in the Derbyshire Peak District. — David Hewson

The AAP was not the first group of well-meaning outsiders in politics. — Abhijit Banerjee

The appeal of travel books is also the sense that you are different, an outsider, almost like the Robinson Crusoe or Christopher Columbus notion of being the first person in a new place. — Paul Theroux

The artist is something of an outsider in America. I have always felt that America does not value its artists, certainly not in the sense that the Europeans do. — Carlisle Floyd

The bands you like and know that are French are always outsiders in the French music industry – Daft Punk, Air. — Laurent Brancowitz

The character we’ve always thought of as the Wicked Witch of the West is a green girl who’s actually very good, misunderstood, and trying to make her way in the world. She’s an outsider looking in, wanting to be loved. That’s a universal experience that everyone’s felt at some point in their lives. — Marc Platt

The consequences for failure are very different if you’re a woman or a person of color than they are if you’re a guy. If you’re a guy who makes a mistake, you get a second chance. Often, for those of us who are outsiders, we make a mistake, and that’s the end of the conversation. — Stacey Abrams

The crux of drag is outsiders looking in. That’s all it is. — Katya Zamolodchikova

The debut film came much easier to me than it would have if I was an outsider. — Dulquer Salmaan

The earliest dictionaries were collections of criminal slang, swapped amongst ne’er-do-wells as a means of evading the authorities or indeed any outsider who might threaten the trade. — Susie Dent

The feeling of being an outsider was a big part of my childhood. I think that helps comedians. That feeling of being an outsider. That desire for a perspective that’s all your own. The idea for me to make stuff myself with my own meaning came from that as well. — Kurt Braunohler

The great joy of doing ‘The Daily Show’ for me is that I get to sit on the fence between cultures. I am commenting on the absurdity of both sides as an outsider and insider. Sometimes I’m playing the brown guy, and sometimes I’m not, but the best stuff I do always goes back to being a brown kid in a white world. — Aasif Mandvi

The great thing about America is I’ve never felt like an outsider. I’m just a different piece of the puzzle. — Pardis Sabeti

The great thing about the comedy world is that everybody is somewhat of an outsider. That’s the community where outsiders feel like they’re insiders. — Jimmy O. Yang

The hero of the ‘Peanuts’ is Charlie Brown. I play the dog that sleeps on the top of his dog box who’s a philosopher. I’m drawn to that. So I’m drawn to Barbossa as I’m drawn to Einstein, because they are outsiders, and I suppose, as a character actor, that’s the turf that you’re locked into, in a way. — Geoffrey Rush

The industry has been very warm and welcoming, especially since I am an outsider. — Kriti Sanon

The key to understanding my career is that I was never into technology. From the beginning, I brought an outsider’s point of view, which is why I write for a layman’s publication. — David Pogue

The monsters I thought about are those that don’t fit in – those who think differently from the majority, the people of exception, outsiders. I wish that society would place more importance and value on these kinds of monsters. — Rei Kawakubo

The only news most people ever hear about the inner city comes from grim headlines; the only residents they can name are characters on ‘The Wire.’ Of course, ignorance of a community doesn’t stop outsiders from having opinions about it or passing laws that govern it. — James Forman, Jr.

The only time I used to feel like an outsider was when I first went to India. — Gurinder Chadha

‘The Outsider’ is a culmination of a lot of things I’ve been working diligently toward as a recording artist. Hopefully it will render my past pigeonholing obsolete while positioning me more solidly as a socially conscious American singer/songwriter. Wouldn’t that be entertaining? — Rodney Crowell

‘The Outsiders’ cast in particular was a joy to be around – sweet kids, normal goofy teenagers off camera and serious artists on. They were great. I never got them mixed up with the characters, though. Each of them had his own strong personality. — S. E. Hinton

‘The Outsiders’ died on the vine being sold as a drugstore paperback. — S. E. Hinton

The peculiarities of my childhood, of constantly moving through so many different cultures, of always being the outsider, may have made me extraordinarily self-sufficient, but it had also bred a certain detachment, a sense that the world was a place to explore rather than truly inhabit. This manifested as a kind of shyness, even timidity. — Scott Anderson

The preoccupation of American historical and literary scholars with the New England Puritans must seem to outsiders like an obsession. — Edmund Morgan

The problem is Donald Trump was an outsider to politics. He really didn’t have a team of seasoned political veterans around him who had worked together and knew how to work together and get something done. — Ana Navarro

The problem with the Dorises and the Nicki Minajes and Mileys is that they reach their goal very quickly. There is no long-term vision, and they forget that once you get into that whirlpool, then you have to fight the system that solidifies around you in order to keep being the outsider you claim you represent. — Grace Jones

The subject of an outsider who becomes obsessed. — Wes Anderson

The thematic core of ‘X-Men’ is tolerance. It’s that for those of us who are different in any way – in a big way, whether it’s you’re a minority, you’re a woman, you’re a Muslim, you are suppressed or marginalized – it can go the whole spectrum – but even if you are shy or you feel like an outsider – and X-Men are outsiders. — Lauren Shuler Donner

The thing about being an outsider… is that it teaches you to hear what people are thinking because you’re constantly looking for the people who just don’t give a damn. — Mike Nichols

The thing is, the Tulsa experience that I wrote about in ‘The Outsiders’ is closer to the universal experience than it would be if I wrote it from L.A. or New York. It’s an everyman story. — S. E. Hinton

The ‘X-Men’ stories are the stories of outsiders: people who don’t fit into normal society and are ostracised; it’s a metaphor for gender, race, or sexual orientation. — Noah Hawley

There are many countries where you can only believe more or you can believe less. But in the United States we have this incredible smorgasbord, and it really interests me why people are drawn to one faith rather than another, especially to a system of belief that to an outsider seems absurd or dangerous. — Lawrence Wright

There is an element in some of my work that has to do with being an outsider, feeling like not part of the dominant culture. — Amy Gerstler

There was a time when I desperately wanted to be part of a Yash Chopra film, not because he was a great director, but because I was an outsider and I wanted that validation of being accepted in the film industry. — Katrina Kaif

There’s a great deal of echoing going on in ‘Old School.’ Mr. Piven, who played the upstart outsider in the 1994 campus comedy ‘PCU,’ has crossed over into playing the stiff martinet. — Elvis Mitchell

There’s a lot of comedy in being the outsider. You can say, ‘That’s weird. Why do you do it that way? That’s foreign to me. That’s pretty weird.’ — Ronny Chieng

Things are difficult for outsiders in the industry, and it is very evident, too. It does not mean that insiders have it easy or that it’s impossible for outsiders to break in. More often than not, the difference is about how successes and failures are viewed and magnified. — Sushant Singh Rajput

This paranoid Islam, which blames outsider, ‘infidels’, for all the ills of Muslim societies, and whose proposed remedy is the closing of those societies to the rival project of modernity, is presently the fastest growing version of Islam in the world. — Salman Rushdie

To an outsider, Abilene was like a small landfall in the Sargasso Sea – remote, laconic, and forever closed to strangers. — Lawrence Wright

To be the outsider is actually a great thing in England. — Edie Campbell

To my mind, it is the duty of the younger Negro artist, if he accepts any duties at all from outsiders, to change through the force of his art that old whispering ‘I want to be white,’ hidden in the aspirations of his people, to ‘Why should I want to be white? I am a Negro – and beautiful!’ — Langston Hughes

To outsiders it probably seems like splitting hairs, but to me, Bright Eyes is a simply the collaboration between myself and Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott. What you hear is definitely the sum of all our ideas and represents all three of us. But I still write the songs myself. — Conor Oberst

To the people here, we are outsiders. Foreigners. — Roberto Clemente

Trevisan is one of the few Paso Robles producers to recognize the potential of the region’s old-vine Zinfandel, which he blends with Syrah and Mourvedre and labels with fanciful names such as Problem Child, the Outsider and Cherry Red. — Robert M. Parker, Jr.

Trump is an outsider; maybe you don’t know. So he is sitting in a room: he is talking business, he is talking politics – in a private room, it’s a different persona. When he’s out on the stage, he is talking about the kinds of things he’s talking about himself; he’s projecting an image that’s for that purpose. — Paul Manafort

TV is a medium where I’ve been an outsider for the most part. — Alan Menken

Unworthiness is the inmost frightening thought that you do not belong, no matter how much you want to belong, that you are an outsider and will always be an outsider. It is the idea that you are flawed and cannot be fixed. It is wanting to be loved and feeling unlovable, or wanting to love and feeling that you are not capable of loving. — Gary Zukav

We are a very tight-knit family at WWE. We are very protective of our family. When an outsider comes in, you want to make sure the outsider is worthy to step into the family. — Nia Jax

We have the ability to craft a life where we are completely fulfilled. We think it is dependent on outsiders, and to some extent it is, but it is much more dependent on the attitude we bring to life. — Srikumar Rao

We were not treated by our own government as proper human beings and consequently, some outsiders did not regard us as the same kind of humans as themselves. — Jung Chang

Well, I’ve always felt connected to the outsider. — Hank Williams III

‘What comes next?’ is the constant question I’m asked by outsiders eager to travel to the island. During the eleven years I traveled to Havana, very few Cubans I met on the island ever bothered to verbalize this question. — Brin-Jonathan Butler

What to an outsider will be no more than the vigorous presentation of a conviction, to an employee may be the manifestation of a determination which it is not safe to thwart. — Learned Hand

When a country has the skill and self-confidence to take action against its biggest problems, it makes outsiders eager to be a part of it. — Bill Gates

When I am in Egypt, I am along for the ride – I am a privileged outsider, but an outsider nonetheless. — G. Willow Wilson

When I got to Florida, I was a British kid, but I was also an Indian kid: a brown kid with an English accent. Talk about being an outsider. And that’s become the theme of a lot of the stuff I write about. — Aasif Mandvi

When I joined New Order, I was made to feel equal to everyone else in the band so I didn’t feel like an outsider. I was treated equally, I was paid equally, and my opinion was sought after. — Gillian Gilbert

When I moved to Atlanta, I felt like an outsider – away from my friends and family except for the LGBTQ community. — Kat Graham

When I was filming ‘The Outsiders,’ my idea of success was getting the next Martin Scorsese movie. — Rob Lowe

When you come into the industry as an outsider, you need to have an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed. In Hollywood, it’s very clear that you either play by the rules or make up your own. And I wanted to do it my way. — Will Packer

When you interview at Google, they don’t tell you what the job is. You get hired for a pool and the reason they do it that way is they don’t want outsiders learning their secrets in the interview process. — James Gosling

When you work this intensely on something, the recording process becomes a bit like cabin fever. I shut everything out and, for a while, I totally lost perspective. To an outsider, I imagine the whole recording process sounds like torture. — Washed Out

When you’re an outsider, you don’t have loyalties to anyone, so you can be cruelly honest if need be. The more you get inside, the more you are involved in polite networks of professional coercion that make people less honest. — Molly Crabapple

When you’re the artsy, weirdo, introverted outsider growing up, you don’t fit into your community. — Stephen Karam

Whenever a Gujarati or Sikh businessman comes to a Republican event, it begins with an appeal to Jesus Christ. While the Democrats are really good at making the outsider feel at home, the Republicans make little or no effort. — Dinesh D’Souza

While I have always, felt like an outsider, it’s because of the professional choices I have made, so it’s not like I am planning to throw myself a giant pity party. — Anna Paquin

While I wouldn’t wish being teased on anyone, I think it eventually leads to a kind of solidarity in adult life. The few people I know who weren’t picked on in school are people I find I can’t relate to on much more than a surface level. There’s a sensitivity that comes with feeling like an outsider at some point in your life. — Anna Kendrick

Within our culture, every school has a swimming pool. We lived on the coast. People swam in the surf. It’s a very sporty nation and at that particular time anyone who had an artistic bent was very much an outsider. So if you liked reading or ideas or playing the piano then your dad viewed you as a sissy, basically. — Geoffrey Rush

Women writers specifically… are the ultimate outsiders. — Janet Fitch

Working on ‘NYPD Blue’ and ’24’, those two series, I did full runs on those. It’s great work, but everything has to align. The producers have to want you; the network has to want you; there has to be great writing; and it’s not as easy as it may appear to the outsiders to make all those things align. — Ricky Schroder

Writers are outsiders. Even when we seem like insiders, we’re outsiders. We have to be. Our noses pressed to the glass, we notice everything. We mull and interpret. We store away clues, details that may be useful to us later. — Dani Shapiro

You can’t do progressive government from the inside. You have to rally those outsiders and make them a force. — Jim Hightower

You will not find outsiders getting main, important roles in big films. The difficult part is to meet the right people. — Kirti Kulhari

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