The Passion of Cooking!

Cooking is a wonderful device we modern humans use to convey many things; much more than just filling our stomachs or giving our body energy. Cooking is a labor of love, a passion if you will. Either the soft romantic love or the heat of a sexual encounter comes rushing to my mind. How does cooking compare to that? Easy, it deals with our senses. When we get a plate of food we notice the aesthetics of the plate. Does it look pleasing to our eyes? If it makes the eyes smile the belly will cheer. If I get a plate that has stuff slopped on the side or isn’t pleasing color wise, my stomach churns.
Some people think that they only eat to fuel their bodies and that’s all that food offers. Those people need to pull back from themselves and think about where there their food comes from. If you are sitting in a restaurant that food on your plate didn’t just appear, someone’s passion put it there. There is a chef or a cook whose job it is to create that dish just for you. Not to say there are not disgruntled chefs or uninspired cooks in the world, but even so the person who started that restaurant or chain had passion about food.
Cooking is providing passion on a plate. In the kitchen watching someone cook is like watching a dance. The synchrony and fluidity of motion is pure beauty. Gliding back and forth from cabinet to mixing bowl to food processor is making magic. It’s a fluid dance of familiarity around the kitchen to create a mouth pleasing delight.
When a mother is making dinner for her children, she isn’t just thinking about stuffing their little faces, She is thinking of nutrition, fresh ingredients, and meeting the needs and desires of her children. This is the beauty of food; it meets essentials of those we love but with passion. This is why the expression of “labor of love” rings so true for cooking. When one cooks for their family or their significant other they are endeavoring to please them, to nurture them, thus producing the labor of love. Lots of this is done on a subconscious level, and, yes, sometimes cooking can feel like a chore. This is okay because there is still passion within a chore. Think of opening a business. It’s a pain in the neck at times mixed with hard work, but the results when complete make it worth it.
There are no mistakes in cooking, there are times things don’t work out — flavors not blending or charring something not meant to be charred… However, those incidences teach us about food, so therefore it can’t be a mistake. Cooking isn’t all that easy at times, it can be downright frustrating but you will always learn. There are those who are not cut out for cooking and there are those who love it. Either way it doesn’t matter, someone somewhere was passionate enough to produce the ingredients.
Was the farmer so passionate about corn that he grew fields and fields of it? Absolutely. Food comes from the earth, who works the earth? Farmers! It seems as if the very essence of food is circular, it ultimately returns back to the earth. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Food is something that can bring people together. Think of Thanksgiving Dinner. We sit with our families and are thankful for the bounty of the earth. The food on our plates represents our heritage, time with loved ones, and the passion put into the preparation.
Learning a family recipe is a treasured moment for some adults. Being able to make the food from our past brings a sense of closeness with those that are passed on. Great Grandmas’ famous cheese spread tastes so good on crackers but at the same time it fills the soul with memories. Sometimes a simple cookie recipe can make those in our family melt into a nostalgic state. Food nourishes the body but completes the soul. That is passion!

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