Things I Learned From Being a Fit Bride: As Told By A Personal Trainer

I am not here to judge you or push my lifestyle on you, but I LOVE my lifestyle. I love how it makes me feel and look and I enjoy new things I discover about life and about myself throughout this journey.

My wonderful boyfriend of three years proposed back in October of 2016. All at once I began experiencing these feelings of excitement, surprise, love, happiness, and…..OMG…I need to start prepping! We are due to get married this May 2017 which is now less than two months away. And boy oh boy, are there some fun things I have learned along the way!

Being a bride is tough ya’ll. Plain and simple. It’s stressful no matter how you do it and the bride has this infinite amount of pressure on her to look her best, glow, make sure her guests had a great time, pay attention to her husband-to-be, there’s a lot of work and intricate details to go into all of this! And lo and behold, being a fit bride has some extra special details you didn’t think about until that moment hit!

  1. There is still such a thing as #sweatingforthewedding. You see it all the time: Girls get engaged and then they really start working out or watching their diet. It’s a fad really. There are bride workouts, special bride diets, they get their own hashtag. I mean c’mon, any good trainer will tell you to stop with this fad crap, right? Kind’a….I am not a fan of fads but I’ll be damned if the moment that ring slid past my knuckle I wasn’t already thinking about how I needed to get my butt in gear. Speaking of butt, once the honeymoon to sunny Punta Cana was booked, my butt has been a main focus in just about every workout session. Hey, I bought some new cheeky bikinis. What do you expect? While this may not be a “fad”, I sure did start focusing more on certain body parts and amping up my sweat sesh. And diet? Let’s see, I have (almost) successfully completed 30 days sugar free and salads are my stipple. Treats? Pizza still but it’s more rare than pre-engagement. *Tear*
  2. Wedding gowns were not designed for fit brides. Legit. CLOTHES were not designed for fit girls should be the correction, but for now we will stick to fussing over gowns. My poor little dress has been poked, cute, prodded, and resewn to adjust to my smaller waist, growing butt, and built back. *sigh* If I keep rowing I fear my shoulder could bust my gown. What’s a girl to do? Go strapless they say….sure…I have no boobs (thanks body fat percentage) but yea, I’d love to look like a board on my wedding day. Which brings me to….
  3. Suddenly wishing you’d have opted for pre-bridal breast implants! Temporary procedure anyone? Yes, I have tried it all. Pushup bras, silicone bras that drawstring together (who thought of this silliness?), tape. “Tape?” Yes, tape. Kim Kardashian tapes her chest, so of course, like a dumbass…I thought I would follow the path of the world’s dumbest brunette. Girl, bye. That was a bad idea on so many levels! FINALLY, I have wiggled my way into a decent pushup bra that actually gives some idea of me having boobs. It’s a small idea, but it’s there!
  4. Beware of bruises in your wedding photos. I burst out in laughter even as I wrote that. Seriously though, let’s be real. I lift weights, sometimes heavy weights, and I jump. A lot. I try new moves that frankly I often suck at and am quite aware that I will likely injure myself but nooo, “Let’s challenge ourselves”,she says. I have been doing dead lifts with 35 pounds and banged my knees with both weights that left a nasty bruise for more than two weeks. Probably should have had that looked at! The point is, fitness can be a dirty business. Sometimes weighted squats bruise your shoulders and back and other times a weight might fall on your face when you forgot to hold onto it while doing that lat pull over! Be Aware that this will be quite obvious in wedding photos. But hey…why else did God invent Photo Shop!?
  5. You might one up your SO. OMG, but it’s true! I LOVE my fiancee, and obviously he’s much bigger than I am, but I feel I workout harder than he does which is totally fine! But that doesn’t mean I don’t “pretend” to act as if my bicep is far larger than his or he only wishes he had a back like mine 😀 Here’s the thing though: He’s going to be covered in a suit! You girl, you will be baring skin. Shoulders, arms, back, showing that garter? Damn girl, look at them quads! Just saying…don’t be shy when someone points out how fit you look in those wedding photos!

Bottom line: Own your shit girl. You did this because of you and no one else. Sure, somethings can get a little more difficult with those of us who have crazy muscles brewing, but you’re so beautiful! Plus, you’re marrying the greatest man alive! <3