Thirsty Thursdays of Recent Times

Thirsty Thursdays of Recent Times

A poem dedicated to my fave…

It’s the last time. The very last time. No more ‘one more times’, this is the last time.

It is not a ghost of our relationship, he is the ghost of the boy I loved. A shell of the beautiful boy who loved and cared for me so much.

More confidence, less soul.

Less bravado, less depth of character.

Less heart, now sealed away behind an icy cage.

Less heart, while mine still brims with warm liquid gold.

Rose gold is the colour of my skin, a truer beauty there never was. A beauty truer to him there never was.

When all’s said and done, what if she was the one you let slip through your fingers, like sand on Kuta Beach or water from the sea or a treatment plant.

A living, breathing plant in our flat struggles to survive, yet I saved it’s purple and green spidery leaves from decay.

When all’s said and done, he might be the one but I can’t move stubborn mountains anymore.

He’ll miss my mountains I’m certain of that.

On that note I’ll say so long, oh God, what if he really was the one?!

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