This Monster Cancer.


It’s been a while since I wrote anything in here or on my blog for that matter. It has been a long two…three weeks? I am not sure but it has been a long time. Had to travel, drop by my mum’s for just ten minutes (sad), continue with my journey, knock on several office doors looking for an internship position, deal with mean receptionists, even worse mean secretaries over the phone. Wait for hours in the waiting room but finally something worked out and I couldn’t be more grateful. Now i know that is not what you want to hear but am headed there hang on.

So on one of those days, i get home late and tired i decide to check my WhatsApp and in came one of those forwarded messages on Cancer awareness from Nelly, a high school friend. It says that October is Breast Cancer awareness month and we should try and make the world slightly freer from cancer. For a moment i remain on that message, looking at the statistics and then the trust and hope at the end of that message.

Now i have never had a close relative suffering from cancer but i know friends who have lost sister’s and mother’s from cancer. One of them narrated the story and how difficult it was for her. How she had to watch her mother get weaker and weaker by the day. They didn’t have much financially so they didn’t have much they could do but they little they had, the doctor’s tried their best, She said “i knew my mum was going to die, so i started accepting it earlier, the hard part was my siblings but life has to move on”. From what i know, you never move on from your mother’s death, everything else moves on but your heart still remains as void as the day she broke the news to you that she has been diagnosed of cancer. She said she googled cancer treatment for years hoping she would find something affordable. She prayed for her miracle but somehow deep down she knew her mum won’t live to see her kids. She had given up hope. Tina knows the corridors of our local hospital like the back of her hands, she knows some of those meds by name even now five years later. She explains chemo with a lot of pain. She still cries herself to sleep sometimes. She got married soon after her mum passed on but her marriage is on the rocks, well, it was more of an arrangement because she says, it was either that or living on the streets but she is giving up on marriage and love entirely. Tina says she doesn’t think anybody will ever make her feel whole again not even her partner. I feel for her. I feel for the many other sisters of mine out there.

Cancer is not a light issue.It is deadly, it can affect anyone. The statistics are sad and i wouldn’t imagine so many people out there feeling what Tina feels or worse, what her mum had to go through. October being the month let’s strive to support our sisters out there and try to make the world slightly freer from cancer. Think of a way to do that, because we are stronger together.

Love ‘n’ Love



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  1. I work in the retail industry and I can’t tell you how many women tell me they are recovering or was just diagnosed with cancer. This is a very serious disease and just about everyone knows of someone who’s had it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Great write-up ! I lost one of my paternal aunts few years ago owing to this dreadful disease,cancer. Every now and then I keep thinking of my aunt. I had always felt that I need to pen down my feelings, may be, I will come out with it soon.

    Keep writing !


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