Three simple tips to write an influential writing

Three simple tips to write an influential writing

We all want to write and publish our pieces of mind to people. We want them to read what we put an effort into and to react to it, to respond to our writings, to comment and share their ideas with us. But, sometimes it just seems too hard or our writing is not getting the response that we hoped for.

Here in this article, I don’t promise you millions of readers but I can guarantee you the first steps towards it. ( Honestly, I don’t even have 200 readers now come to millions)

Desirable Writing

Start writing about what you love with a desire. yeah, that helped pretty much 😉

No, seriously… Never try to write about anything that you see or write just to have something you have written. Start writing when you have the passion for writing. When the ubiquitous inspiration in the air comes straight at you and you start yearning to put some ink on a paper, that’s the moment you start to write.

Be patient with your content

Give a time to your idea to settle and start writing. Writing is not a soap bubble to be there in an instant and for most of us is not an easy task, it’s a form of art, a sculpture or a painting. your writing is your “Mona Lisa” and your “Birth of Venus” if you rush it, you end up getting your picture of nature with the sun in the top corner that you were drawing when you were 5.

Inspiration comes with time, and all you need is to put them down.


This is by far the most important element of the writing. We need to have sincerity in our writings, in our feelings and emotions that we are projecting to the reader. They say “What comes from the heart, goes to the heart”.

Throughout the past year which I have started writing, I noticed that the articles I was writing whole heartedly got more response than the ones I wrote just to have something written!

Always remember, when you decide to write put your whole heart in it. And one day your writing will be read by the millions I was joking about in the beginning. Nonetheless, never stop pursuing your passion and improving it. There is this quote, try to make it your daily mantra and tell it to your heart everytime

You keep writing about the birds. and One day the whole world will want to hear the birds from you

Stay safe 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Three simple tips to write an influential writing

  1. I like your advice.

    When I write a post on a topic I’m passionate about I sometimes don’t even care if a lot of people “like” or “comment”. Sometimes others experience that passion with me, and sometimes they don’t.

    Your reminder to take the writing slow and not rush it is good advice, and advice that I need to take more often. Sometimes I just get so excited and the words fly out of my mind through my fingers at what seems like 100 mph. I usually have to then stop and breath for a bit and then read it over a few times. I inevitably make changes that improve my posts a lot.

    I LOVE your quote about the birds!

    • Thank you for your compliment, I’m really pleased to get responses from the beautiful souls who read my stuff 🙂
      you can consider the matter of rushing is also a tip for myself too.. the irony of this article is, I got the idea, wrote it, edited it in one and a half hour 🙂

      The quote of the birds… I read it in a Turkish book and now it is something I’m living by…

      Stay safe

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