Today, I decided to step outside the mirror.

Today, I decided to step outside the mirror.

I am more than my reflection in the mirror.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the greatest of them all?”

“Not I,” my mirror responds.

Unless you plan to not leave the house all day, looking in the mirror is almost inevitable. And then there are those days where you just can’t seem to stop looking in the mirror.

The stray eyebrow hair, short eyelashes, all the acne and the dead ends – how could anyone look past these flaws?

Some days, the flaws just seem to scream so loud. I stand there, looking back at myself, and all I can see are things that I would like to improve. I just don’t like the reflection.

Yet, my husband just told me this morning how beautiful I looked, acne and all.

But I’m not looking through other’s eyes.

What I see, is not what they see. What I see, is not what he sees. The way that we see ourselves in the mirror is merely a reflection. We are only seeing the exact image being mirrored in front of us.

However, the mirror doesn’t reflect personality. It doesn’t reflect the charm of our laughter, love that we give, hum of our voice and warmth of our touch. The mirror is simply a cold picture of the lines of our outer shell.

Yes, our reflection is what we look like on the outside, but the mirror doesn’t capture how others see us.

Our personality plays such a big role in the way that people view us. The joy shared by our smile captivates those around us, and makes us beautiful. The laughter hides the acne. The charm diminishes the dead ends.

So, I’m stepping out.

Just try it. Step outside of your reflection and imagine yourself through another’s eyes. For me, it is through my husband’s. He loves me unconditionally and tells me how beautiful I am when I was just about to complain about being at my worst. He doesn’t even see the flaws that I think stand out the most.

For you, maybe it is your spouse, or your parents or a close friend. Whoever is your comfort zone and whoever thinks you hung the moon – try to imagine how you look in their eyes.

Step away from your reflection and include your personality. Your reflection doesn’t define you.

Be patient with yourself.

It can be hard to cut yourself some slack. But, I am learning to be patient with myself, and enjoy where I am at this very moment.

I am stepping out of my reflection and focusing on the good things I see, rather than my flaws. Life is not about wishing you were someone else or somewhere you aren’t. It is about embracing where you are and always finding the good in that very moment.

Even if you aren’t to yourself, to someone, you are beautiful.


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