Top 3 Habits Of Extremely Successful People

Whether we like it or not, a big part of what we do in life is governed by habits. Even more importantly, habits can lead us to think and feel in certain patterns.

Since habits are so powerful, it’s worth paying attention to the ones that are most effective.

Success can seem like a great mystery — some people are destined for it while others aren’t.

But that’s probably not the case. While luck and genetics may play a role, there are certain learnable behaviors which make success more likely.

Have you ever wondered why certain people are more successful than others?

Why some people make significantly more money than others?

But this is not just about finances. It’s about achieving goals which are personal and meaningful because truly this is where success happens – when you achieve something of value to you.

The difference between wealthiest and poorest people in the world are their daily habits.

Studies have shown that our habits make up 40% of our working hours. That means that 4 out of every 10 minutes, all day, every day, we operate on autopilot.

Habits are neural pathways stored in the basal ganglia, a golf ball-size mass of tissue right in the center of our brains, in the limbic system.

Here is the class which is excellent in simplifying things for me. I have read and listened to a few things about habits and trying to set about controlling them. Up to now I have been a little overwhelmed, but this course has laid out some starter steps that I appreciate and can put into action. This class introduce to you 3 habits of highly successful people. Your task will be to cultivate these habits and make them second-nature to you. Get your 2 free months of Skillshare and start this class free on this link.

Once you do that your chances of success, be it financial, health or relationships will skyrocket.

And best of all, you are going to be learning proven-to-work principles and techniques that successful people do on a daily basis, you won’t be learning dry theory.

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