True or False…

I used to think I lacked originality, creativity, and meaning. That I was a multiple choice test I couldn’t find the answers to, thinking I was simply a blank canvas of basic True or False. But then you came along and made me realize that I was D) All of the above. That I am the multiple choice.

I am that new show on Netflix you love to binge watch but wished it were just a few episodes longer.

I am the hot sauce you add to an already delicious plate of steak fajitas but leaves your tongue a little burnt, and still a little hungry.

I am your favorite song lyrics you belt out in your car with a few missed words, volume up to 11, riding windows down on PCH in your partially beat up Scion.

I am the feeling of fresh air you inhale from your nasal cavities after being sick for 3 weeks, 3 long weeks of you thinking you would never breathe the scent of your favorite Palo Santo incense again.

I am unapologetically myself with my mess of mistakes, missed freeway exits, and 4 snoozed alarms at 6am when you don’t work until noon. I am everything you wanted. Sometimes I’m more. You wanted 12 donuts and I am the “bakers dozen”. I’m a choice, a choice you made. You say I’m original, that I’m creative, and that I have meaning. That I’m the A grade you got on your multiple choice test in life. Now tell me, is that True or False?

The Silly Free Spirit

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1 thought on “True or False…

  1. Hahaha, yes that must be true! You are delicious and definitely the chosen one! Do you feel it? So you are the one! And yes, it’s unbelievable that despite all the mistakes and shortcomings, you can be considered a top prize. And the beauty of it is, it can be like this with everyone!

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